Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Shoe Shaped Problem

I like shoes. I think we've all worked that one out by now. Last year, I discovered that my feet, knees and hips liked me a whole lot more for spending a bit more on better quality shoes rather than trying to live in £5 flats. And that's awesome. I have 5 pairs of shoes I wear day in, day out. Problem- what happens when you know what you need, know what you like, but can't find something to fit your need?

Now it's starting to warm up in London, and I am spending less time running about the cobbled streets of Chancery Lane, I'm in the market for a for  new shoe solutions- a pair of easy wear heels, and possible a pair of summer- maybe peep toe flats. Since I cycle to work now, I'm thinking of trying to break further into heels- as I only put my 'proper' clothes and shoes on for dealing with the office, not my commute to and from...

I've also been doing a bit of eBay hawking lately (My name is Chloe and I am hooked on eBay) and have a couple of summery bits en route, so the search for the summer shoe needs to get moving. Hit me with suggestions, but for now, my current picks look a bit like this.

Spartoo Omega Peep Toe Flats

I had some H&M flats like these, but flimsier a couple of years ago. I lived in them. I miss them- what do I say?!

Omega Flats

Spartoo Melissa Ultragirl

I'll admit, I saw these and thought- pft. How impractical, but I still love them. I've hear good things about Melissa shoes, and I guess the pragmatist in me is thinking that they'll be good and watertight!

Melissa Ultragirl flats 

Spartoo Geox Mink Heels
I've hears lots of lovely things about Geox, they have a focus on creating shoes that are scientifically sound first, and then they make them super hot and sexy, like these. Perfect summery colour for the greens in my wardrobe. I'm seriously swayed here.

Geox Heels 

Spartoo Clarks Chorus Voice
I've been head over heels with these shoes since trying them on in a Clarks store at Easter, they just didn't have my size and I haven't quite been able to split with the cash for them since, they're on my favourites bar, they are viewed at least once a week. They. Will. Be Mine.

Clarks Chorus Voice 

Spartoo Tuk Heels
Not sure these are the most practical thing ever, but one of the benefits of having a browse through shoes on websites such as Spartoo which bring lots of brands together, is seeing something different. Back in the day (more years ago now, than I really want to admit to....) I have a pair of the pink and black flat mary-jane style TUK shoes. I lived and died in them for a couple of years. Sigh, the nostalgia.

TUK Heels 

I'm still not decided quite, aside those Chorus Voice shoes, which obviously, will be mine, but to peep toe or brave heels?! I just don't know.

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Maria Fallon said...

I love those Geox heels, they are beautiful! I tend to only wear heels about once a week or fortnight as my feet just can't cope with them but you may be more stable than me!

Maria xxx