Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

Last week was T's birthday, and although my parents had already bought him a gift, and I've already had my birthday gift from them, I was cryptically informed that something would be arriving for us both on the special day.

Friday Cheese Board

Cheese Board

I know this looks like a super glutinous cheese board, and it is, but it's a SPECIAL super glutinous cheeseboard. Every one of these cheeses is a variety of goats cheese. Artisan and award winning cheese to be specific.

The cheeses came from the Shropshire Brock Hall Farm, producers of award winning artisan goats cheese. I have to admit, I read the information that arrived with almost a kilo of goats cheese, and I was a tiny bit dubious. Award winning is a term bandied about a lot at the moment, and sometimes, it seems it's just an excuse to ramp up the price. Good news, not so with the particular branch of artisan.

Each of the four cheeses had totally different traits, from the lightest through to the most powerful, creamy through to a harder cheese.  Each had it's own distinct set of flavours too. Aside a cheese board like the one above, I'm looking forward to trying out the various cheeses with an Aubergine dish that I've got planned, with salads (of course) and we also had some on home made pizzas over the weekend.

A few things to note- it really is fantastic cheese, whatever experience you've had of goats cheese before now, it's whole new level of flavour balance that is both delicate and and has power and depth. This is also not the kind of cheese you need to scoff huge volumes of, we ate less than a third of what was on the board over the course of five hours, taking our time to enjoy the flavours and truly taste each one.

If you're a fromaggio fan, do go and check out Brock Hall Farm, you can find their website as linked above, they're also very friendly on Twitter


daisychain said...

I wish I liked cheese! x

P said...

I adore cheese, especially goat's cheese so this is my dream.

Rosie said...

OH man, I love cheese so much! Goats cheese especially is incredible. I love ash-coated goats cheese, it gives the best flavour doesn't it? :)