Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring Wardrobe Updates

Some of my outfits on Instagram have been getting a little more attention lately, and that's a flattering sign, as I've had a little bit of an update in my wardrobe. As the weather took pleasant positive turn, some of my makeshift work wear came to the end of its life span and I felt the need for a bit of a shake up, grab a look at my current working wardrobe- office AND casual. I opted for a few cheap and cheerful items, because with cycling, the fit of my clothes is continually changing.

New Favourite Skirt
I saw this at the George at Asda High Summer press day, fell in love with it, then relentless checked the website until it arrived.

Skirt, George at Asda, £12

George at Asda Skirt

Keeping it classy
Found this blouse in Forever 21, a shop where I've previously felt out of place. This time I came across some very friendly and helpful staff, and this top for £12. Simple, classy and ideal with a skirt or a pair of simple trousers. Shame my washing machine has wrecked it after it's first outing. I'm not sure if it's my better judgement or not, but I think I'll be trying to replace it when I'm next near an F21.

Blouse, Forever 21,  £12 (FYI I couldn't find this on the website in the zillions of items, and I didn't have any joy finding it so far)

F21 Chiffon Blouse

Something Simple
I saw this dress in Primark and it struck just the simplicity note that I'm fond of. The only draw back is that it's super short, and there's going to need to be some DIY to add some length in. I recently saw a woman on tube wearing a chambray shift dress, and it looked freaking awesome, I'd love to find something similar, but in the mean time, this £10 quick fix is good fun.

Primark Chambray Dress

Cheap and Cheerful
I was on the hunt for a replacement dress for a favourite green one which has reached the end of it's life and stumbled across this one from a Chinese seller. It appears to be a copy of a dress worn by a celeb I didn't recognise, I just love that it's green, and pretty, and also looks much better on the on the hanger, by the way. 

eBay Green Shirt Dress

Splash of Summer
I saw this dress at Easter, but the only one left was in a size 12, and although that's a usual size for me, or even a touch big, I couldn't even get the H&M 12 over my boobs, let alone the rest of me. BUT, I couldn't get it out of my head, so I ordered it online, This one is a size 16, and it's a beautiful fit.

Dress, H&M Conscious Collection, £19.99

H&M Conscious Collection shift dress


I have a few more bits and pieces I've picked up lately, but mostly I'm lacking on the shoe front. I'm still searching for a couple of perfect pairs of shoes. I also have a couple of other little purchases to help update my wardrobe, and also to replace a few bits that are on their last legs or that our slightly dodgy washing machine has been eating.



daisychain said...

I LOVE that ASDA skirt x

Maria Fallon said...

I really love these dresses, such a lovely Spring wardrobe!

Maria xxx