Saturday, June 29, 2013

Golden Girl

I'm usually big on my silver, I've never really been a huge wearer of gold or gold colours, but just lately, my jewellery collection has taken a turn for the gold colours. I just wanted to show off a couple of the bits I'm wearing most.

Accessories Edit 1

All the sparkles!

Temp:Sec Pyramid Ring

The exception to my latest gold rush, is this pyramid ring from Temporary:Secretary (I've linked the gold coloured version, since the one here seems to be sold out). I couldn't resist a bit of geometry and burnished colour. 

Topshop Pyramid Ring

This Topshop ring was a sale find for £3.50. It appears to be sold out on the website, but I love the simplicity of it. It sits a long way up from my finger, but without being quite as in your face as some of my harsher rings.

Green Jewelled Necklace

This necklace came from eBay, you might recognise it from my Voucher Codes post, and is available HERE. I paid about £8 for it, but it's gone right down in price to just over £2 now. 

Dorothy Perkings Aztec Necklace

This necklace is came from a very generous goodie back recently, but I have been wearing it incessantly since I ripped it out of the packaging. I love the monochrome and the gold together, it seems to go with almost everything. 

At the moment I'm really enjoying a bit of statement colour and sparkle over a simple t-shirt or shirt, I love that it's all so interchangeable. That said, I don't think I'll ever lose my love of huge hard-core rings! 


Most Wanted

Last month, I dropped into the Most Wanted Swap Shop with Sarah, to have a nosy and offload a few items of my wardrobe that I had planned to eBay. The best bit about a Swap Shop? No hassle of dodgy eBay buyers or postage, just a simple system of stamps to go off and pick shiny new things. Because I'm a total blogger fail and I didn't yet have my shiny new camera, I didn't take any pictures, but here are a few of the Voucher Codes shots




Yes, I did raid the table of dreams before leaving and yes, the cocktails were lovely, thanks.

I picked up a few different things from the swap, but one item has risen to the top of the pile, and it's this French Connection top. Simple, yes, versatile, absolutely and it's one of those amazing tops that just seems to go with everything, and to demonstrate, the lovely people at Voucher Codes sent me a budget of £35 to style my Swap Shop goodies, so I thought I'd show you what I mean about my new top.

I have focused on work wear too, mostly because it's so easy for me to feel uninspired with pulling clothes on for work, round 1 is a regular at the moment- the mornings where my eyes are open as I get dressed, but I'm definitely still sleeping. The flash of red is a crop top acting as a modesty panel- the drape in the front of the blouse is quite low, especially for work, the beauty of using a crop top is that it doesn't bunch up under layers of clothes, and these ones fit like a dream. Not bad for £5 (pst, the red is now in the sale for £3.50) and they now come in a few other cool colours. I'm wearing a black version later on.

Black Trousers & French Connection Shirt & Red Mel Shoes
French Connection blouse, #MWSwapShop - Primark trousers, £12  - ASOS crop top (underneath), £5 - Mel flat shoes, c/o Spartoo

Round 2 is a bit bolder. I'm still totally in love with this skirt for making an impact especially since I'm not brave enough to pull off the 90's neon. I wore this recently for a meeting and the lovely ladies in the hosts office couldn't get enough of where it had all come from. The necklace is from eBay, a bit of green sparkle in my life. You can buy it HERE and the price has actually gone down since my purchase!

French Connection blouse & Palm Print Skirt
Skirt, Asda - French Connection Blouse, MWSwapShop - Crop Top (underneath), ASOS £5 - Necklace - eBay £8 - Heels, ASOS (super old)

And round 3- a winter version. the tights were a gift from my mum, they always remind me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason, and the Clarks wedge shoe boots remain my favouritest ever heeled shoes.

French Connection Blouse & Skater Skirt & Heart Tights & Wedge Shoe Boots
French Connection Blouse, MWSwapShop - Skirt, Roman Road Market - ASOS crop top (underneath) - Tights (gifted by my Mum), Calzedonia - Wedge shoe boots, Clarks

And round 3- a winter version. the tights were a gift from my mum, they always remind me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason, and the Clarks wedge shoe boots remain my favouritest ever heeled shoes.They're so damned comfy.

There we go. One blouse, 3 outfits, and I don't think I did too badly with the budget either:

Primark trousers £12 + eBay Necklace £8 + 2 ASOS Crop Tops £10 = £30

And if you liked my skirt & blouse summer combo, you can now vote for it HERE

Palm Print Skirt & French Connection Blouse 1


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Queen of Green

I was so gutted when my favourite green dress bit the dust. My washing machine made some kind of nasty black mark on it, most unhelpful. I decided to hit eBay to try and find an exact replacement and stumbled across this from China, it was too good to turn down. I'm, slightly sneakily, also waiting for a nude pink colour of the same to arrive...

Green Tea Dress, Betty London flats

Green Tea Dress, Betty London Shoes

Dress, eBay, Betty London flat shoes, c/o Spartoo

It's not a bad length which means this is a current work staple, and although it looks quite neon in the pictures, it isn't quite. It's very green though, which is always a good thing in my opinion. and I love the little gold button details.

You can find it listed HERE, Happy hunting!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

We Will Make It Anyway

Women in sport is a hot topic right now. Lots of women have come under fire for following a sport/fitness regime/exercise routine just because they want to fit into X Dress or Y bikini. The rise of women pushing to for more recognition of female sports is everywhere, and it seems, according to my Twitter feed at least, that rather than aspiring to fit into a pair of skinny jeans, we should all be training insane to be the next Jessica Ennis/Rebecca Addlington/Insert female sports personality here.

I fully support the idea of #beprettyonrestdays and getting down and sweaty with your choice of fitness or sport, but y'know, the pressure to not just run, but run a marathon, not just cycle, but win the TDF, not just swim, but become a record breaking triathlete, that's getting a but tedious.

One of my new favourite blogs, Girls Guide To Life On Two Wheels (incidentally also a book, kudos) takes a great and balanced view on this subject, and it's something I wanted to add to, having 'gotten into' cycling this year, and getting more serious about fitness whilst T is away. Her recent post on why we shouldn't be shaming women who consider how they look to be important, that's especially insightful, go read it here.

Having started really enjoying cycling, I've noticed more and more that there's almost an expectation in social media as well as the wider world, that all of a sudden I must want to get hot under the collar about bikes of all types, and want to race, and be the next major British female cyclist. Truth is, I don't. I like cycling. I enjoy exercising, I like beating my own times on my bike, I like my Crimson Beast. Aside that, I don't care. I cycle because I like it, and it fits my lifestyle. When I do it, I go all out and get on with it, but you know what, sometimes I get to work, look in the mirror post shower, and wish I'd just gotten dressed and done my make -up at home rather than trying to do it in awful light. And that's ok too.

You know what's also cool? Finding a sport you love, and wanting to take it to the next level. You want to run marathons, compete in ballroom dancing or join a boxing club, good on you. Enjoy, make hay, just don't expect me to be crossing that marathon line with you, alright?

I don't want to be a statistic female who does far less than the recommended exercise each week, I don't want to be overweight, I don't want to be unfit, I also don't fancy having heart disease, a stroke, diabetes or not being able to run for the bus. But I will not apologise for not wanting to be elite in the sports I partake in. I will enjoy them, I will play them wholeheartedly, but I will not be pressured into thinking I want to take my sport 'to the next level', when frankly I don't.

To all you amazing women, who pull your trainers on a few times a week, and enjoy running a few miles, who cycle to and from work and enjoy cycling without needing to get to about 30kmph, and who like to hit the gym but are happy to leave it having done their own workout 1 hour later, you're awesome. You're beating the stats, you truly are doing it for yourself and that makes you even stronger than you realise.



Saturday, June 22, 2013

Scotland's People

This time next week, I'll be across the border in sunny Scotland. I'm taking a short trip up to see the very lovely Ayden, who I consider to be a super special friend, and who I met once before in Glasgow a couple of years back. I'm super excited to be heading up because I haven't seen much of Scotland at all, despite living close to the border for over a decade.

Packing seems to be a challenge for many people, especially for short trips, so I thought I'd do a quick peak post into my weekend bag. Oh, and it gives me a chance to shamelessly show off a few outfits and bits. Well, I am a blogger!

Packing Light Glasgow 2

Print dress, Clothing at Tesco (via #clubcardexchange) - Denim leggings, Primark - Shirt, H&M - PJ's , M&S (bottoms) & Topshop - Belt, F21 - Necklace, Unknown - Shoes, c/o Spartoo - Ring, gift - Cardigan (rolled), American Apparel - Tights (rolled), Primark

The only other thing going into the bag- my underwear, and sorry (not sorry) but you don't need to see that!

Mel Burgundy Slipper Shoe

These are my pretty new shoes. I wasn't sure about the slipper style flats when they were so huge last winter, and I know this wine colour is also super wintery, but I love the rounded toe in the Mel shoes and I also think they'll be a lot lighter against a bare leg and with the print in my dress or the check in my shirt.

Cath Kidston

This Cath Kidston bag was the gift bag for my 21st birthday present from my parents, and it turns out it's the perfect size to hold my travel wash kit and make-up bag. Sweet hey?

Chained necklace

You might recognise the dress from THIS post, I love it, simple, casual, eye catching enough to be something different. The necklace is an old one that I have rediscovered and brings a bit of statement to pretty much anything, from a simple shirt (check) to an awesome dress (check).

Spider Jewel Ring

This spider ring always gets a lot of attention, perfect to bring a daytime outfit up a level for a day out, seeing as I think Ayden and I are going to be ladies what lunch. Before anyone asks, I'm sorry- it was a gift my parents brought back from Spain.

Studded Belt and Spider Ring

The belt is F21, helpful for holding up those denim leggings, just as good for bringing in the waist on my dress. Happy days and multi-tasking. I love accessories with different metals in them, it makes it so much easier to mix and match.

The outfits, although probably obvious, you'll have to wait to wait and see after my trip, but I know there'll be a lot of people looking at this asking what if questions, like what if the weather changes? What if I change my mind about my choices? What if I just want to curl up in my PJs? Well here's how I keep my packing minimal:

1. If you're taking something new, always try the outfit you have planned on, at least twice, with your intended shoes. In an ideal world, don't wear an outfit you haven't 'worn in'. Never take something that you only wear on certain days or that makes you ever so slightly uncomfortable- you know the dress that you have to keep pulling down, the jeans you have to keep pulling up or the top with that annoying itchy label. Step away.

2. Planning makes perfect. If you don't plan what you pack, you're super likely to forget something you need (always a belt, always) but if you know you're likely to forget something, you'll probably over-pack as a contingent. I like to list the days I'm away the known or possible activities, and possible outfits. A day or so later, I like to narrow down the ones that are most flexible, the I try and and shuffle through to make sure that I have a plan, that works more than one way, that can double up in case I do something super clumsy like spill a drink.

3. Yeah, I really am that pinickity, but I don't know that many other women who can get their packing into bags that fit in the overhead shelves on a West Coast Mainline service, so credit where it's due, alright!

4. Don't over accessorise. You know those people, the ones who say 'this one dress can be worn 8 days running with just a few accessories'? Yeah, the problem with that is a. I personally prefer to wear a dress no more than twice before I wash it. b. Those accessories can take up just as much space- add in a few belts here, a scarf there, 5 pairs of shoes and 3 necklaces, and you have a (heavy) bag full. I try and aim for a one of each theory. One belt- preferably one that can be worn around both the waist on a dress or the belt loops on a pair of jeans, one statement necklace that goes with all outfits planned, and one statement ring, to interchange with the ones I will already be wearing (my usual two). Pick things you like wearing, don't bother packing those earrings that are gathering dust in a box that you never wear, or a huge belt if you regretted purchasing it but forgot to take it back. Shoes area pain, as they eat space up, but try and pick one pair that work with everything, and if you need/want a pair for an event or going out, make sure you know they're comfy, and are in good repair. New shoes, bad idea.

5. Back up plans. I *could* just take my dress, and know that I can wear it bare legged, or with tights, or whatever both days. But I'm a clumsy oaf, and I'm highly likely to spill something, or brush against something, plus a cool print is kind of wasted on a 5 hour train trip. This plan to have a back up is even easier if you wear separates, 2 bottoms and 2 tops that are totally interchangeable are super easy to roll with. In this case, I have plenty of space, and comfort wins. The shirt is super lightweight and the denim leggings are soft and easy. Oh, and none of this lot should need ironing if folded nicely and laid flat in a bag. Happy days.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fresh Prints

I bought this dress with my Tesco points vouchers as part of the Clubcard Exchange, where every £5 of vouchers can be turned into £10 to spend on various items from Tesco, including their online clothing. Happy days.

Clothing at Tesco Aztec dress & Topshop Biker Jacket & Betty London Shoes

Clothing At Tesco Aztec dress

Dress, Clothing at Tesco £16, Betty London flat shoes, c/o Spartoo, Jacket, Topshop, Necklace, unknown

I thought it was a pretty reasonable price, and I've fallen for the print a little bit, which is a good thing, because I usually steer clear of prints since it's so hard to find ones I like. I also bought a bikini in a similar print. It was a bit of an *oh shit* moment on my part, since T & I are off on holiday in September, and all of this holiday gear will be long gone from the shops just before we go and I ditched all of my knackered swimwear after our last sunshine holiday 2 years ago.... Shopping time!

Still loving these Betty London two-toned shoes too. They seem to go with everything, which is exactly what I needed. On the holiday theme, I'm now eyeing up a couple of new pairs of sandals, since my last pair developed a broken toe post last week, and I also remembered that my only non-cabin sized suitcase I had broke after my move to London. This holiday is turning out to be more needy than expected. It'll be worth it to have a week of sun, swimming and reading. 12 weeks to go...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

I know Wahaca is a bit of a 'blogger thing', but T & I had our first experience of the revered chain just before he left, and we liked.

We opted for the Wahaca selection for 2, which I thought was rather good for less than £20 (£19.95) and we had a few extras too, but our bill was by no means excessive. We done much worse in our time!


Wahaca Street Food Selection


Wahaca Selection Pork Pibil

For a well priced and enjoyable quick meal, I'd definitely go back to Wahaca. I'm glad we tried the selection of recommended plates as I don't think we would have known where to start with which dishes to try and what kind of size they might be. or what might work with what. We also didn't need a huge amount of supplementary extras, they were mostly wants rather than needs.

I also have to make note of the cocktails. I'm not usually a wild fan of tequila- a few too many shots during my uni years I suspect, but the quality of the tequila used was fabulous, and we enjoyed our rather nice drinks very much. They weren't a bad price point at roughly £6.50 on average.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blues Busting

You might have seen via Twitter over the last 7 days, but T has gone for a couple of months.He's gone to Sandhurst with the Army. A bit like last year (I blogged about my experiences), I don't really know when I'll next see him or how it's going to work exactly, but this year we are at least in the same country and time zone. Last year, I also had my final exams of my GDL to contend with, this year, it's a full time job, which is minorly less time consuming, so on a mission not to dwell too much on being missing the person I have become used to coming home to most nights, I decided to amp things up with my fitness regime.

As you might know from Things You Never Wanted To Know About Cycling I get my cardio in by cycling to work on a regular basis, it's approximately 10km each way to and from, and I manage it 3 times on a week on average. Not bad, but since T should be coming back even fitter than he was before, I thought I might have a go myself.

Knew they're clean, iridescent paleness wouldn't last long!
Spending a lot of time in trainers.... I knew my pretty, clean, pale iridescent shoes wouldn't stay this way for long!

We're also heading on a little holiday in September, and it would be nice to feel confident in my bikini. My bad, because I am not keen on the idea of diets (at all) and exercise routines solely for a 'bikini body'. Fitness is about being the best version of yourself possible, being strong and being healthy.

I'm spending some time getting to know my abs, which have been long buried, high there, your ache tells me we're becoming re-acquainted. The 2.5kg weights are a new part of the furniture, my triceps and biceps might eventually come to match my somewhat hulk-esque quads, and I'm not entirely sure what the name of everything else is that's currently being stretched, flexed and all round pushed, but I know it has to be good.

Exercise is about more than just body though, and the other reason I've thrown myself into fitness is that it makes me a much, much nicer person, and keeps my temper nicely in check. It's also been a good way to feel like I'm achieving something whist T is gone.

I should probably clarify and say here, that I am capable of achieving anything I want to, with or without a partner, and I'm very fortunate to have a partner who supports me in everything I set me mind to, so when he gets back, I want for T to come back and to have something to show for those 2 months he's been gone, to see that I didn't spend all 56 nights crying into a bottle moping.

So I'm spending a lot of time like this, less time growling at registrars at work, and no time moping- ok, maybe the first full night I had here without him, but that's different.


I might also indulge myself in those Converse I was looking at more recently.... #beprettyonrestdays but there's no harm in enjoying my feet whilst getting my sweat on.... right? And if it goes ok for the next couple of weeks, I am tempted to go back to the training programme I followed when the Air Force was still a possible dream, give the office in my life a run for his money. Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly *cough* competition....


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Palm Green

I do love this skirt. At £12, it was a supermarket bargain and the print makes me smile every single time I look at it and wear it.

George Palm Print Skirt

George Palm Print Skirt 2

Skirt, George at Asda, Top, eBay (although I think it was sold by New Look at some point...), Shoes, Betty London via Spartoo

Speaking of shoes.... my favourite black flats were looking disgraceful in all honesty, so I decided it was time for a replacement. Thus, far, I like. I really really like the patent all over versions too, but thought the effect on the toe (and at the back) might just prevent me from destroying them too swiftly.

Betty London black flats close up

I'm also now focused on finding my some summery shoes, maybe some sandals, as T and I are off on holiday in September (WHEEEEEEEEE) so the hunt is on.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

I am from a foodie background, and foodie gifts, especially something new or different can be great, finding them can be a pain in the behind. For my dad's birthday back in April, I got a fab deal on a pair of tickets to the Foodies Festival on Clapham Common and that festival kicked off at the weekend.

The Foodies Festivals run all over the place, and this weekend turned out to be a glorious weekend in Clapham, so that was a bonus, I currently have a watch strap tan line and on the other wrist a hair tie stripe.

So the festival... a collection of stall holders from the independent like the ladies I was desperate to meet, The Marshmallowists, through to larger companies like Whole Foods, lots of places to eat, galleries with demos and famous cheffie types, an Elemis Spa Bus, and a sizeable volume of bars and booze. We went along with sunglasses in hand, cash in purses and canvas totes ready to fill with goodies.

First stop was a cup of coffee (see where I get it...?) and a look through the different exhibitors. We opted not to register for any of the demos as they weren't especially of interest to us personally, but we did single out a few things we definitely wanted to see and try.

After a first wander about, my mother and I got a little sidetracked by this....

Clapham Common Foodies Fest Elemis Spa Bus

Mum and I both had a neck and shoulder massage, otherwise known as a beating.. The ladies were offering a selection of 15 minute treatments such as mini facials and massages as well as selling lots of their goodies. Not a bad way to kick off the morning, even if my shoulders were killing me the next day! 

Next job- finding some foodie goodies. I really really wanted to talk to and purchase from the Marshmallowists as I'd sampled some of their products that my mum had bought and have been following them on Twitter. This pair are seriously lovely, total perfectionists and had their full selection of marshmallow goodness on offer, and better still, with a little discount on the online price, which was an unexpected bonus. 

Marshmallowists Coconut

Marhsmallowists Mango & Orange

Next, I stumbled across Fruitbroo. I loved my coffee and I also like fruit and herbal teas, but coffee is not exactly great for you in high quantity, and whilst my current favourite (Liquorice and Mint FYI) tea is nice, it's also not convenient to have cold, and I am no longer drinking fruit squash either, since it contains sugar. Fruitbroo have come up with a fantastic solution, especially for those who don't especially like fruit tea. 

Fruitbroo Bottles

Fruitbroo Flavours

With Fruitbroo, you simply add a teaspoon (or to taste, but they suggest you start off with a teaspoon) to hot or cold water. These bottles of genius also contain solely fruit concentrate- no added sugar or chemical nasties. Having paid a little more some good quality teas lately, these bottles were a bit of a bargain at 3 for £5, with roughly 15 servings per bottle. 

With a few purchases in hand, and quite a lot of boozey samples- my parents found a distiller who is local to their home in Cambs.... HIC, I was quite glad to grab a seat and a falafel wrap for half an hour. The sun had made it's full appearance, and although the festival was starting to get a little busier,  the atmosphere was nice- lots of people looking to have a nice afternoon. 

My last purchase destined for my goodie bag came from another super friendly stall specialising in Arabian foods, Terra Rossa. Not only were these people really, really friendly and happy to explain some of their more unusual products (Green Harrissa), but they had some of their relishes for sale along with dips. I picked up this Baba Gnoush with their aubergine and tomato relish for £2.50. I tried it with bread at the stand, but I'm so looking forward to having this with crackers or with toasted pitta breads. And then, well, then my mother and I got a bit of a taste for a proper drink. A full sized one. 

At £5 for a champagne cocktail, we thought that wasn't bad, so we both had a bellini, and another, and before we new it, we'd spent £50 between us and it was 1530. And well, a whole bottle would be much better value... oops. 

Clapham Foodies Fest Lanson

Whilst my mum and I sunk sipped our champagne, it was really really pleasant to enjoy soaking up some rays, a common full of people all out and about to have a good time, and feel London at its absolute best. 

The tickets for the festival have been on various offers- they were £15 full price, I bought the pair for my parents on Groupon, and they were being sold on Groupon again just before the festival for £7, I reckon they represent a great day out- especially if you have an interest in the shows as well as the exhibitors. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not A Week in Photos

This week has been not an eventful one, but a little outside of the usual eat-work-sleep routine.

Monday was my birthday, and I was spoiled....

Totally spoiled.

Playing with my new toy!

I spent a couple of days at home and visiting family in the early part of the week. My parents recently finished working on their new house, so I had a play with my new toy.

Wine Cork Table

Bottle and Glass on the wall

Wine on the Walls

Coming back into London, T & I continued on a boozy theme for the week with a trip to Harrison's in Balham for cocktails and dinner...

Harrisons Balham Pomegranate Caipirinha

I love their light fittings with these huge filament bulbs

Harrisons Balham Filament

Since Summer continued to shine a light on London this week, T and I had our last evening before he left for the summer enjoying a couple more drinks at Dane's Yard Kitchen (I wrote about our brunch HERE)I did tell you it was a boozy week....

Danes Yard Kitchen Sunset

I also couldn't leave this behind when I saw it outside my local grocer....I have been scoffing it ever since.

So sue me.

It was every bit as yummy as it looks, by the way. I rounded off the week at the Foodies Festival on Clapham Common. There will be a full scale post about this later in the week. It was a beautiful day weather wise, and I really enjoyed myself and spending time with my parents (for whom their tickets were a gift from yours truly).

My mother and I managed to drink £50 of champagne cocktails and then decided we might as well do it properly and buy a bottle....

Clapham Foodies Fest Lanson

Clapham Common Foodies Fest

Today has mostly been about stopping, and not drinking. It's the first time since T left on Friday that I've been home for any time so it's also been a bit of an adjustment day since he'll be gone for a couple of months. I've been munching on a few goodies bought yesterday, catching up on some trash TV and sorting myself out for tomorrow.

Happy Weekend my friends.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Things You Didn't Want To Know About Cycling

I love my bike, my Crimson Beast (ahem). Getting into cycling to work on a regular basis has been everything I have ever needed in exercise- it fits my daily routine, it isn't super costly all the time, and it doesn't hurt my slightly battered hips and knees. Sounds awesome right? I even get to work quicker on my bike than when I take the train.... but there's a dark side to life on 2 wheels, full of weird bruises, dirty fingers and crunchy bits.... here's everything you never ever wanted to know about cycling.


1. If you haven't cycled before (and by before I mean since you were 10/11 like me....) be prepared for bruises. Not from coming off or bashing into things, but some bruises that will make you look like you've been participating in some 50 Shades style fun. The seat on my bike well and truly left it's mark after the first couple of days, I'd like to say on my thighs, but that would be a generous description of where the bruises were..... Don't say I didn't warn you.

2. Speaking of thighs, they will threaten to take over the world. I was hoping for toned, slim, strong legs. I got thighs that whilst markedly tighter than before, no longer fit the same trousers my size 10 waist does. I am hoping that once everything evens out, they will slim a little, but right now I think I'm building muscle quicker than I'm burning fat. On a plus note.... buns have never been steelier!

3.Leggings.... people seem to love or hate them. I think they will always have a place in my wardrobe- as namely as inexpensive workout wear and to pull on under my favourite cosy jumper on a weekend. FYI, if they're super cheap Primark ones though, they're likely to develop a minorly embarrassing hole in the crotch VERY quickly. Sorry, did I say it was only MINORLY embarrassing to have my undies on show to the A13 into central London at 0800..... yeah.

4. Mostly, the bike and I go to work and back. I haven't done much leisure cycling, and if I'm going to do shopping or what have you, I don't have the carrying capacity on my Beast to bring things home. I did cycle to the bank on my lunch break the other day though, and didn't bother tying my hair back. 5 mins each way, not a problem, I though, what could go wrong, I thought, a helmet is a helmet over a pony tail or loose hair, I thought. Shame I didn't account for the annoying little clouds of green fly, which I noticed crawling out of my hair for the rest of the afternoon. Oh I'm sexy and I know it.


And lastly, my fifth and final overshare of the day.

5. Just because it looks like fun in films, riding through puddles isn't advisable. Especially if your bike is in super dire need of a clean. You will get mud and possibly grease all over your feet (as well as getting wet feet) and if your blind like me, you will miss bits in the shower. And then you will have dirty feet. And then your colleagues will point and laugh.

On a serious note- ALWAYS wear a helmet when you cycle, and this has never been more true in cities like London. If you should come off for any reason, it is more likely than not to save your life, and your life as you know it.

And pedestrians, please look before you step into big blue cycle lanes, or onto pavements with blue signs showing bikes and people. Most cyclists will try their very hardest to steer clear, but we can't stop magically and there should never be a need for you to walk into a designated cycle super highway. You are likely to get hurt, and to hurt the cyclist trying to swerve and not hit you. I will swear when I crunch the back of my ankle under a pedal swerving, my lovely iridescent trainers will end up scuffed, my feet will get wet because they are fabric shoes, and I will spend all weekend browsing pretty, multi coloured New Balance trainers. And on a slightly lesser note, your child/elderly mother/feet/suitcase WILL come off worse than my bike wheel.