Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

After a few alright-ish Groupon meals which T & I have travelled around for, I recently jumped for a brunch deal closer to home on Stratford High St. T & I jumped on our bikes for 15 minutes at the weekend to enjoy an option from the Dane's Yard Brunch menu and a glass of prosecco, hoping for the best, but preparing for whatever might come.


Danes Yard Art

First impressions- awesome. Not only is this place super close to where we live, but the setting is beautiful. The restuarant itself has a sympathatically created industrial feel to it, and the outside court yard- shielded from the road and set back next the the canal was a peaceful and comfortable place to relax in the sun. So far, so good.

Danes Yard Kitchen Brunch


We opted to have some extras in the form of a pastry starter- having not eaten breakfast at all and not sitting for brunch until 1130, we were hungry.... We also both chose pork & leek sausage with egg and brioche as the main event.I can confirm, this was every bit as yummy as it all looks. The sausages were clearly excellent quality, the eggs were cooked to perfection and the brioche was the lightest and loveliest I've had in a very long time.

Pastry. I love pastry. It's a legacy from living in Toulouse for a bit, and we also really really enjoyed these ones. The flaky, buttery, sweet, soft fleshed goodness.... I told you I loved pastry.

The service was also great- having had a couple of awful experiences lately, so it's super important to me that good service gets a spotlight. We wanted to sit out and enjoy some lovely weather, and the staff were very clear that we could, but that it might slow things down as they were busy. We weren't in a rush, and it turns out their version of slow is actually a perfect pace for a relaxed Saturday morning.

Good news- they also serve lunch, dinner and very nice sounding cocktails, I can't wait to head back for a bit of a drink. If you're in the East End, check the out for yummy food, a well stocked bar and a great setting- they're also on Twitter & Facebook

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