Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

I am from a foodie background, and foodie gifts, especially something new or different can be great, finding them can be a pain in the behind. For my dad's birthday back in April, I got a fab deal on a pair of tickets to the Foodies Festival on Clapham Common and that festival kicked off at the weekend.

The Foodies Festivals run all over the place, and this weekend turned out to be a glorious weekend in Clapham, so that was a bonus, I currently have a watch strap tan line and on the other wrist a hair tie stripe.

So the festival... a collection of stall holders from the independent like the ladies I was desperate to meet, The Marshmallowists, through to larger companies like Whole Foods, lots of places to eat, galleries with demos and famous cheffie types, an Elemis Spa Bus, and a sizeable volume of bars and booze. We went along with sunglasses in hand, cash in purses and canvas totes ready to fill with goodies.

First stop was a cup of coffee (see where I get it...?) and a look through the different exhibitors. We opted not to register for any of the demos as they weren't especially of interest to us personally, but we did single out a few things we definitely wanted to see and try.

After a first wander about, my mother and I got a little sidetracked by this....

Clapham Common Foodies Fest Elemis Spa Bus

Mum and I both had a neck and shoulder massage, otherwise known as a beating.. The ladies were offering a selection of 15 minute treatments such as mini facials and massages as well as selling lots of their goodies. Not a bad way to kick off the morning, even if my shoulders were killing me the next day! 

Next job- finding some foodie goodies. I really really wanted to talk to and purchase from the Marshmallowists as I'd sampled some of their products that my mum had bought and have been following them on Twitter. This pair are seriously lovely, total perfectionists and had their full selection of marshmallow goodness on offer, and better still, with a little discount on the online price, which was an unexpected bonus. 

Marshmallowists Coconut

Marhsmallowists Mango & Orange

Next, I stumbled across Fruitbroo. I loved my coffee and I also like fruit and herbal teas, but coffee is not exactly great for you in high quantity, and whilst my current favourite (Liquorice and Mint FYI) tea is nice, it's also not convenient to have cold, and I am no longer drinking fruit squash either, since it contains sugar. Fruitbroo have come up with a fantastic solution, especially for those who don't especially like fruit tea. 

Fruitbroo Bottles

Fruitbroo Flavours

With Fruitbroo, you simply add a teaspoon (or to taste, but they suggest you start off with a teaspoon) to hot or cold water. These bottles of genius also contain solely fruit concentrate- no added sugar or chemical nasties. Having paid a little more some good quality teas lately, these bottles were a bit of a bargain at 3 for £5, with roughly 15 servings per bottle. 

With a few purchases in hand, and quite a lot of boozey samples- my parents found a distiller who is local to their home in Cambs.... HIC, I was quite glad to grab a seat and a falafel wrap for half an hour. The sun had made it's full appearance, and although the festival was starting to get a little busier,  the atmosphere was nice- lots of people looking to have a nice afternoon. 

My last purchase destined for my goodie bag came from another super friendly stall specialising in Arabian foods, Terra Rossa. Not only were these people really, really friendly and happy to explain some of their more unusual products (Green Harrissa), but they had some of their relishes for sale along with dips. I picked up this Baba Gnoush with their aubergine and tomato relish for £2.50. I tried it with bread at the stand, but I'm so looking forward to having this with crackers or with toasted pitta breads. And then, well, then my mother and I got a bit of a taste for a proper drink. A full sized one. 

At £5 for a champagne cocktail, we thought that wasn't bad, so we both had a bellini, and another, and before we new it, we'd spent £50 between us and it was 1530. And well, a whole bottle would be much better value... oops. 

Clapham Foodies Fest Lanson

Whilst my mum and I sunk sipped our champagne, it was really really pleasant to enjoy soaking up some rays, a common full of people all out and about to have a good time, and feel London at its absolute best. 

The tickets for the festival have been on various offers- they were £15 full price, I bought the pair for my parents on Groupon, and they were being sold on Groupon again just before the festival for £7, I reckon they represent a great day out- especially if you have an interest in the shows as well as the exhibitors. 



daisychain said...

coconut marshmallow? HELLO HEAVEN!

Anonymous said...

THOSE MARSHMALLOWS LOOK AMAZING. And I don't even have a sweet tooth! I wonder if I can eat marshmallows...?

I'm so jealous of your day. Can't wait until I can enjoy food again, a food festival is definitely going on my Life List.

Sarah :)

Gillian said...

This looks like such a nice way to spend the day; marshmallows and champagne cocktails, what more could you want?! Those mango and orange marshmallows look amazing.
Just had a quick look on the website and noticed there's an Edinburgh one, might have to get myself tickets to that!

Tara Love said...

I went on sunday and ate deep fried oreos, sounds gross but was AMAZING