Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fresh Prints

I bought this dress with my Tesco points vouchers as part of the Clubcard Exchange, where every £5 of vouchers can be turned into £10 to spend on various items from Tesco, including their online clothing. Happy days.

Clothing at Tesco Aztec dress & Topshop Biker Jacket & Betty London Shoes

Clothing At Tesco Aztec dress

Dress, Clothing at Tesco £16, Betty London flat shoes, c/o Spartoo, Jacket, Topshop, Necklace, unknown

I thought it was a pretty reasonable price, and I've fallen for the print a little bit, which is a good thing, because I usually steer clear of prints since it's so hard to find ones I like. I also bought a bikini in a similar print. It was a bit of an *oh shit* moment on my part, since T & I are off on holiday in September, and all of this holiday gear will be long gone from the shops just before we go and I ditched all of my knackered swimwear after our last sunshine holiday 2 years ago.... Shopping time!

Still loving these Betty London two-toned shoes too. They seem to go with everything, which is exactly what I needed. On the holiday theme, I'm now eyeing up a couple of new pairs of sandals, since my last pair developed a broken toe post last week, and I also remembered that my only non-cabin sized suitcase I had broke after my move to London. This holiday is turning out to be more needy than expected. It'll be worth it to have a week of sun, swimming and reading. 12 weeks to go...


daisychain said...

Oh I have SO much love for that dress Chloe! x

Law1sfab said...

That dress is so, so cute! Love it x