Sunday, June 2, 2013

YouTube Radio

This weekend, in the quest to find a song we couldn't remember the artist of and the year of release, T & I ended up playing something we haven't in a while- no, you kinky thing, it didn't involve a blindfold or cuffs. YouTube is a wonderous thing, a corner stone for many bloggers and an endless resource of cat videos AND music of the present time and those gone by. It all started with this....

Did you see the dancing, please tell me you did. Long live 1995. This, you might say unfortunately, I say it was the perfect fuel for the second bottle of Cab Sauv.... roll back to 1994

Which lead to this......

And then this.....

And that's how it begins. We just went with suggestions from whatever video finished previously, or videos from the compilations we were after. This is such a fun way to lose an evening, especially with someone who shares you're half decade of birth. Go on..... you know you want to.
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