Thursday, July 4, 2013

500 Miles

Last weekend, I slumped hopped on the West Coast Mainline straight after work, and missioned 4.5 hours up and across the border to see my bestest favouritest Scott, Ayden. I've met Ayden in the flesh before, and have been dying to catch up with her properly forever, and since this is the best time of year for me to be out, about and travelling, I did exactly that.


Train dinner- classy girl!

Firstly, I have to say huge thanks to my hostess with the mostess who chauffeured me, looked after me, and was just as happy with our super chilled plans as I was. ♥ you, my love.

You can read more about our Saturday lunch out HERE. We got up late, watched an awesome Scottish film (check out The Angels' Share for a kind of fell-good Layer Cake vibe) and made ourselves presentable for lunch.

Self-indulgent mirror shots yesterday. All the hair.

Clothing at Tesco dress - Rings, assorted - eBay phone case available HERE
Obligatory bathroom selca.

We spent Saturday night chatting, chilling, eating popcorn and jelly beans, and I also got lots of cuddles from this guy


Meet Dexter, soppiest creature going, handsome and he knows it, and totally thinks it's acceptable to nudge whiskers and paws at me at 0700 on a Sunday morning for cuddles and fuss.

My bitch now.

Hard life, huh?

Sunday involved more food- FYI the key to my hard is pretty much Cat Cuddles + Food + Catch Up Chats

One thing that didn't impress me so much was the temperature difference. A measly wet 14 degrees, I had to wear proper jeans on Sunday, whilst friends at home were burning in the sun. It was worth it though.

Check Shirt, Topshop Jame Jeans, Red Slipper Shoes

Topshop Jamie jeans - H&M shirt - Mel flat slipper style shoes, c/o Spartoo

Currently living in these slipper shoes, they're waterproof, which was/is a God Send, and they're super comfy as well. 

Train snacks

As can be evidenced by brunch. I will speak more of this in good time, but all you need to know right now, is that this was a truly epic train snack. Calories don't count across the border. That's what I tell myself anyway....

Sweet Tooth, Ian McEwan

A little treat at Glasgow central, since it was cheaper in paperback than on Kindle. I've raced my way through it this week.

And then it was home time. I didn't want to leave. I love Ayden to bits, she's everything I admire- hardworking, wicked sense of fun, and super talented, and it was a pleasure and a privilege to spend the weekend with her. Miss you already queridita mia. 


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Susanne said...

this sounds like so much fun! short weekend trips are the best :)