Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Good Dressing Down

Old news, I know but it really has been beautifully warm and mostly sunny in East Anglia, I like this a lot. I think I've made a sufficient start on my holiday tan and I'm quite enjoying only requiring the one layer (or less by preference).

I'm also quite enjoying the office dress down thing going on, . As you can see, I have had a long and arduous commute to consider...

I have such a log an arduous commute to work this morning.

It's a hard life...

Aztec dress & Converse 1

Aztec Dress & Converse 3

Dress, Clothing at Tesco - Belt, F21 - Converse Dainty Ox Sneakers, c/o Spartoo - Glasses, Prada

I realised when I pulled this dress on, that I had been desperate for an opportunity to retake the pictures ever since I first showed this dress on Chloe Likes To Talk, not long after I had my camera, and it took me a little bit of practice. But here it is, in it's full glory, and I get a feeling my new shoes will be omni present for a while yet too. 

FYI- the Spartoo sale is hot stuff at the moment, not just their shoes either. I just sorted myself out this Nica black handbag with a 35% discount, and some of the shoe discounts are even better. Well worth a look. 

My office for my proper job is mostly pretty relaxed, I don't have to wear a suit, but I am expected to show up looking smart, and this would not be acceptable work wear. This week, nobody has seen me to tell me what is or isn't acceptable, great, isn't it. No clients, no colleagues, just me. And the phones. This dress also has the benefit of being super comfy, since it's jersey, and although at first I was going to exchange it for a smaller size, since it's a touch on the loose side, I'm glad I kept a larger size, because it has lots of movement room and the length is awesome- am I the only not-that-tall person who is finding everything obscenely short lately (as evidenced HERE)? 

I'm homeward bound tomorrow and back to my proper job on Monday, which I seriously cannot wait for. Anyone who has seen my Twitter feed this week will have realised I've had a lot of chef-related ARGH moments. At least in my real job, most of my clients are technically deceased, they're generally a lot less hassle.... 

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Maria Fallon said...

This dress is gorgeous and I can;t believe how tanned you are!

Maria xxx