Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chambray Queen

Working from home is as much a pain in the behind as it is a joy, but one of the joys is wearing whatever the hell you like, including indecently short dresses....
Chambray Denim Shirt Dress & Converse 1

Chambray Denim Shirt Dress & Converse 2

Dress & Belt, Primark -  Converse c/o Spartoo

I've been dying to try out this dress & sneakers combo for ages, and my new Converse have just arrived (love pulling on new shoes so soon as I get them, please tell me it's not just me?) so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I did warn you the dress was indecent, but at least I get to show off the tan I'm getting from utilising the garden space I've had at my disposal this weekend. Shame. Most of the time though, I've been splodging about, chained to the phones, like this. I'm not even ashamed any more...

#todayimwearing new work wear. Good things about working from home....

I'm also stuck in glasses at the moment due to some eye drama with my lenses. In short nobody seems to be able to supply my prescription in lenses, even though my new prescription is better than my old one. So irritating. I also have to find new glasses in the next couple of months, since I need new lenses anyhow, and these ones feel a little wobbly. I'm slightly horrified at the thought of having to go and select since 5 years have passed since I last bought any.... eeek

On a much more pleasant purchase note- look what I got

Bohemian Collective Rose Gold above knuckle ring

Bohemian Collective above knuckle rings 1

These rings are both from The Bohemian Collective, and I bought them after I lost my silver wishbone above knuckle ring. I have no idea where it actually went, it seemingly disappeared into thin air shortly after I received it in the #axcircus goodie bag. 

Above knuckle rings are a bit of a 'du jour' thing, but I really like them, since they don't make my fingers looking slightly less pudgy, and the Rose Gold replacement of the original silver wishbone ring is just perfection, since I do love a bit of Rose Gold. The simple silver band was almost an after thought, but I love the simplicity of that too. I thought both rings were a super good price being £26 for the wishbone in Rose Gold and £12 for the simple above knuckle in silver




daisychain said...

I can't work out if a midi ring would annoy me or not! x

Leanne Cornelius said...

I love dresses and Converse together, perfect combo.

I need to get myself some above knuckle rings, I don't know why but I think they are the perfect Summer accessory. x

HazelxJoy said...

I love the bohemian collection knuckle rings. I've had a simple silve one for ages and only today it was joined by a rose gold version. Their simplicity is their charm!
I'n self employed and work from home - some days I don't even make it out of my PJs! Your denim dress is lovely and looks fab teamed with converse.