Saturday, July 27, 2013

Neäl & Wølf

My hair is something people often notice about me, not that it's anything special, but it's long, and my friends and family often find it in..... unexpected places (food I didn't prepare...). Long hair is one of those things, that if you don't look after it, can start to look a bit rough round the edges.

I try and combat this by having my hair cut regularly (every 12 weeks) but it doesn't always work out that way (ahem February was my last cut.... and I'm in the chair for the first time since as this goes live...) and I use my hairdryer/straighteners sparingly (2-3 times a month). But it's currently looking a bit lacklustre, so when the lovely people from Neäl & Wølf offered me a little chance to try some of their products, it frankly, couldn't be better timing.

I opted to try out their Harmony intensive care treatment and the Glow super shine spray. They landed with me last week, and here's what I thought.

Neal and Wolf GLOW & HARMONY

First up, this package smelled amazing. It arrived in my office, and the girls and I could smell the goodies before I even opened it up. The same can be said for the products themselves, they are a lot more girly and more heavily perfumed than I would usually purchase, but the scent is just amazing. T also couldn't keep his nose out when I saw him recently.

I loved both these products, but I wanted to start with my very favouritest. Glow. What first drew me to this product, is that it can be used on dry hair. I've come across loads of hair products that sound great until I read the back of the package and it advises use on damp hair before drying. This is all good, if you use a hairdryer regularly and wash your hair in the mornings. I do neither.

Neal and Wolf GLOW

Glow is a shine spray, which excited me too, because my hair rarely looks shiny, unless I apply heat. This spray does everything it promises- spray evenly and brush through for shine without grease or weight. And for addictively good smelling hair. Go forth, and have shiny hair.


Neal and Wolf GLOW before


Neal and Wolf GLOW after

Harmony was a bonus extra, I wasn't expecting to receive both products, and this was my second choice.

Neal and Wolf HARMONY

Harmony smells even better than Glow. This stuff is like sensory overload crack. So, more importantly, does it work? Well, yes. Apply to wet hair, leave for 3-4 mins, and rinse. I tend to rub a generous handful of Harmony through the ends of my hair, then I have the rest of my shower before rinsing. It leaves my hair feeling so soft, and it's helped the ends look a little less ruined before their much needed trim. I often experience breakage with my hair, even though I try to use a good quality hair brush and to be gentle. One thing I've noticed has lessened since using Harmony, is breakage I should add, I've been using Harmony with every wash, but I try to wash my hair only every 3 days. If you wash your hair more regularly, this might be better as a weekly treat.

Neal and Wolf HARMONY product

Another consideration for me, with all products both hair and skin, is how my skin is affected. My skin is very sensitive and heavily coloured or scented products, or hair products that leave a residue when rinsed are particularly problematic. One of the joys of the Neäl & Wølf goodies, is that I didn't experience any residues, or any adverse affect on my skin. Although Harmony in particular I would have expected to be heavy on my hair, and it totally isn't, but there's no compromise on the luxury effect. 

All in all, an awesome experience. I think the Glow spray is set to last me a goodly while, since I wouldn't use this every day, but maybe once or twice a week, the Harmony conditioning treatment is going to remain in the shower, and I intend to purchase another before too long, since it's basically love.

Check out the Neäl & Wølf website for all their products, you might be interested to know that they also sell larger sizes and duo packs of some of their goodies too, for a good value option.

**Products in this post were sent to me for review purposes. All views and opinions are my own**


Maria Fallon said...

You do have really nice hair! I love the look of these products too, anything that can give me glossy hair can only be a good thing!

Maria xxx

The Girl said...

Aaah I bought the Neal & Wolf Harmony once from the hairdresser after being berated for how bad a shape my hair was in. It was really great actually and I loved it but have never been able to bring myself to pay for it again!