Sunday, July 7, 2013

Passing Out

You might already know that T is passing out in August following a stint at Sandhurst. I'm looking forward to having him home, but I do have to go to the ceremony, and it's a bugger to dress for. Having put some serious effort into trying to shift a couple of Kilos, and knowing I don't have any similar events to go to in the near future, I decided hiring something might be better than buying something, and since Girl Meets Dress has built a solid reputation just lately, I thought I'd have a browse.

Erdem Dress and Clarks Shoes
This Erdem number is a bit more floral and girly than my usual style, but I think that's why I like it. It's a good modest length, and it'll definitely be better if it's a cooler day since it has a full sleeve.

McQ Dress and Clarks Shoes

McQ is a brand I love for a bit of fire and feist. This is my personal favourite of the three, since it makes an impact, and is a bit of a knock out in terms of giving a hint of sex appeal without showing too much flesh
Alice and Oliva Dress and Clarks Shoes

My last choice, by Alice & Olivia is the most risqué. I love the cut-out detail on the waist, and it would be awesome with the tan I'm presently working on, but I think it might be a touch too much for the Army. That's not to say it isn't still on my bookmarked list.... 

The heeled shoes are Clarks Chorus Voice from Spartoo, I've managed to find three different dresses to go with the shoes, since they're pretty pricey, I know they'll be insanely comfortable, which is necessary, as it's likely to be a long day, but I think they justify their cost when you start to look at just how much they go with....

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Palm Print Skirt & French Connection Blouse 1

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Alex said...

Oh I REALLY like that McQ dress and it'd be perfect with those shoes. It gets my vote, as long as you're happy with the high neckline?