Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pocket Dog

I've had this dress a while, I pull out it out, wear it lots, then it gets shoved to the back of the wardrobe for another few months. It's pretty perfect for sunbathing at lunch the summer months being sleeveless and lightweight. I also totally forgot I had this jacket, it remains mostly in its plastic wrapping so as not to get marked, but this combo was perfect for a meeting last week...

Dog Print Dress & Cream Jacket 2

Dress, Primark - Jacket, Topshop - Belt, Primark - Shoes, Mel c/o Spartoo

The little dogs have red/coral coloured parts to the print, which gives me a great opportunity to keep wearing these slipper style flats from Mel, the only downside is that I ended up with super distinctive tan lines... oops. They are so comfy though, and and despite the wintery feel they could have, I thought these red flats worked really well for summer too. 


Kirsty said...

Ahh, I love it! I love a good animal print on a dress and you look lovely. One of my favourite dresses is covered in cats wearing bow ties. Now that's a winner in anyone's books!xx

daisychain said...

I love anything with an animal print!

Maria Fallon said...

You look so polished here, love it!

Maria xxx