Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mad House

It's been yet another crazy week here. As if moving flat wasn't bad enough this month, I've also been moving offices. I worked late every night except one this week, but we're about there... kinda. You can imagine I was quite pleased to see this email land then....

This makes me happy.

Now less than 14 days to go, I'll be in the sunny Canary Isles, preferable with a margarita in hand. 

Unfortunately, I had the quite sudden realisation, that by the time we come home, closer to October than early September, the temperature will differ slightly from stepping on the plane to back off it at Gatwick. Cue WTF am I going to wear to travel in thoughts....

Anthracite Grey Converse Dainty
Since buying my black pair, the Dainty OX Converse have become a firm favourite, I love the easy wear and that they seem to literally go with everything. This Anthracite Grey pair would be perfect for the kind of autumnal wardrobe I favour, and would be perfect as part of the rest of my flight outfit below....

Denim shorts

Denim shorts for my trip I already have, but another pair, to pull on for any hanging about on the hot side, with a pair of tights- layer is going to be key to success I feel, for the other end, and I'll be away. I love everything about these denim short shorts, yet nothing I can get into words. Maybe it's the simplicity, which I'd never expect from a G-Star Raw product. 

Vila Moda Grey Cowl Jumper

And whilst it may be cami weather in Tenerife, somehow, I don't think it will be in London. This beautiful Vila Moda jumper would be great to pull on as the A/C kicks in mid-flight, and cosy for landing. A touch of elegance about it, I can see me wearing this with skinny jeans on a weekend or smarter slimline trousers for work. 

Aside these bits, I seem worryingly (what the hell have I forgotten...) organised. I scored some bargain swim wear in the summer sales, and having had a hot summer here in the UK, I'm well up to speed on what I do an don't have in terms of high-summer clothes. I just can't wait to go now! A week of reading my Kindle by the pool, swimming, eating as much seafood as I can and enjoying some local wine, not to everybody's taste, but it sounds pretty damn perfect to me. 

Hope you're all getting some of the sun I've had today, happy Saturday!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not A Week in Photos

I had all the best intentions of getting a few posts planned and scheduled for last week, then life got in the way. It has a habit of doing that. As per my last post, I have now moved- hurrah. It was my 10th move in 6 years, andit turns out that moving 2 people with 2 people is much harder than 1 person and their stuff....

This time last week- T and were moving this...

10 moves in 6 years means I have packing down to an art.

I spent, or so it felt, most of my week living out of this, and travelling about the East End on this....

#todayimwearing HOME TIME

And I finally ended my week like this...

First Friday night with a living room.

With a Saturday morning side order of this

Happy Saturday.

But it's all done! We are now officially moved into our new place and I'm looking forward to settling for a few weeks before we head off on a little holiday. In the mean time, having been living out of my rucksack check the high vis on me! I have also decided I would quite like a shiny new one that is a bit more... me. Dude, did you see my trainers?!

I rather have my eye on this one which is a bit more Chloe style. Still visible, because I don't need an excuse for someone to want to mow me down, but a bit less utilitarian looking....

Pink Jansport Rucksack

Jansport have been making bags for a very long time, and they're well known for their endurance with a flash of European style thrown in. Loving that this Pink Jansport Rucksack is good and spacious for all my kit, as well as being good and bright. This whole cycling thing is definitely dangerous- a whole new world of shopping to indulge in! Now.... to find a matching helmet.......

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Move, Move, MOVE!

There's been a lot going on in Chloe-Land this August, just for a change, and one of the biggest and most exciting events is my move. T & I are collecting keys this evening to our new place, having spent the last 9 months living in a total hovel in the East End, sharing with a very transient mix of 4-6 other people. No living space, tiny and dodgy kitchen, a bathroom that is a health hazard (no really, water leaking through the light fitting...) and the time we had no heating for 6 weeks in October/November. Needless to say, this evening is very exciting for us, and next week I'll be spending a lot of time in between work, and both flats like this...

New post at about these beauties

Behold the Crimson Beast, and check out the post about my awesome trainers HERE

We are still going to be East-Enders, which I'm not sorry about. For all it's faults, I love it, although I'm not so fond of Shoreditch if I'm honest. I love the Asian grocery stores, the huge Lidl supermarkets, and being close to work. Stratford High St is home to my current favourite place to eat and drink, and for both T & I, leaving London to visit our families is easily done too.

We are moving into another flat share, but with just one other couple, and the whole atmosphere is much easier as it's not a transient population. Our new place has living space, a modest kitchen and holy London grail, outside space. It's modern, clean, well looked after, and I can't wait to get in there and call it home. T & I have made a conscious decision to choose something that although at the top end of our current budget, is also somewhere we will choose to stay. I've moved at least once per year, every year for 6 years, it's getting a bit wearing, and I think unless either of us needs to be in a different location, we're likely to stick with our latest abode for more than 12 months. It'll be a novelty, if nothing else.

This is not a post to explain why I'll be absent from my blog for a bit, as that should be a problem, and it's not so much a life update either, but I did want to talk about London living. London is a crazy place, the rent is sky high, and we pay as much and more for a flat share in an alright bit of London, as some people do for 2 and 3 bedroomed houses in nice bits of other towns and cities. And some people, they get real judge-y about it. To them, I say this:

I could live in another city or another town, and I would pay less rent. However, I would not be able to do my particular job, be paid as much for it, or have as many options in choosing my next career step, purely because my experience and qualifications lend themselves to sectors which excel particularly in the capital.

A bit of @ministryofsoundofficial at Baker St

Unique to London, the Ministry of Sound advertising campaign (this one is at Baker St Station), just something else to love about London!

I try not to whinge too hard about our rent, it is what it is, and to be perfectly honest, we're used to it. We have to live somewhere, and have also learned the hard way from the last 9 months, that living in strained conditions in turn puts a strain on our relationship. I'm excited to live with somebody I love, and not have to spend every sleeping and waking moment we are both in the building within 2 metres of each other.

London is a fantastic place to live as well as visit, and I know in a year or so, T & I will be able to laugh at our year here in E14, but there is a cost to the money saved here, and I think it'll take some time for us to take for granted, the better quality of living that doubling our rent will give us.

With love, from London.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Princess and the Purse

I often think that a woman's purse is a bit like her handbag, in that it's very particular, and you really shouldn't ever be digging about in it, if it isn't yours. They're also quite tricky to buy, since everyone has their own needs, and I think, or certainly from my own personal experience, there's always a ghost of a purse you're trying to replace exactly, but will never quite be matched.

I recently had to replace my purse, and after some perusal, and astonishment at how much the seem to cost these days, settled on this Skunkfunk one, which lucky me, happened to be in the Spartoo sale

Skunkfunk Despite Purse Green Felt

Skunkfunk Green Despite Purse

I'd love to be one of those girls who can get away with something teeny tiny, but I'm not, and if only it was because it was bursting with money. My purse is constantly filled with money-off coupons and loyalty cards, and a whole stack of personal or medical identity cards. All the fun stuff. I like to have a small stack of my business cards tucked in there, and there are usually a few receipts floating about. Luckily, a new purse most definitely means a clear out. 

Skunkfunk Green Purse inside

This 'Despite' style comes in a few different colourways, and unfortunately this one seems to be sold out, but THIS ONE is the other colourway I was seriously considering. 

As purses go, this is pretty good- it's got lots and lots of card slots, a not slot, a zipped coin section, and space either side. The textured outside is a bit stroke-able as well, plus, it's green. What else can I say?! I also hadn't heard of Skunkfunk before, but they have some awesome looking handbags which have tickled my fancy....

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Women and sport. Hot topic. Everyone has an opinion on it, and I'm getting a bit sick of being told what I should and shouldn't think about it, especially as a woman, who plays sport. That's why, when Sports Shoes asked if I'd like to review a pair of Nike Free trainers, following their survey of opinions on Katherine Jenkins and her running the London Marathon (and looking kind of hot doing it).

My personal thoughts on the subject btw- do what you do, do it to the best of your ability, if pretty things to wear make it easier, good stuff, screw everyone else. 

A little bit about the new Nike Free range- the idea is to make it as close as is possible to bare foot running experience, the lower the fit number, the closer to bare foot they get, with the idea that the flexibility and breathable mesh structure allow for optimum comfort. Pretty cool, I thought. Plus you should totally check out the selection of styles available HERE

Nike Free

Check out these babies! I'll preface the explanation of my choice by saying, I am not a natural runner. I did get into running when I thought I stood a chance of joining the forces, but it was a painful experience and I never got right back into my stride before discovering that cycling, for me was a better fit.

So onto my choice of trainers, they are available from HERE

Nike Free Pink and Grey TR 3

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome they are? Mmmhm. 

I opted for the lowest fit number they do, so the closest to bare foot I could get. When I'm cycling, being able to move my feet as I flip between pedals, road, kirb and wet pedals and wet road. I really value lightness, flexibility and grip. The Nike Free theory of bare foot likeness is exactly what I need, and especially as I've had a couple of wet rides lately. 

The first thing I noticed, aside the freakin' amazing print, is the weight. The strangest sensation when I put them on is that because I'm wearing shoes, I over compensated when lifting my foot because I was expecting it to feel much heavier. second, the bend in the bad boys. I've never had a pair of trainers I can do this with.....

Nike Free Pink & Grey Animal Print Bend Flexible

The bend in these is a major offput for some, T is totally skeptical that they would provide enough cushioning and stability to run in, but I love it. I love the my feet are totally free to bed as the need to, especially with a view to stopping on the crimson beast. 

So overall- I love them. Not just the awesome print- because style doesn't mean a lack of substance, which I think is the point that a lot of people miss. Love the lightness, the flexibility, I love the movement, and I love the mesh that means I can feel air on my feet when I really get to open my bike speed up. I'm even, a tiny teeny little bit tempted to try out running again. 

As for the women in sports issues that are flying about right now, I'm beginning to think that Nike got it right in the first place, whoever you are, however it works for you, whatever you wear....  

Just Do It

*Trainers sent to me for review purposes. All opinions honest and my own*

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dress To Impress

Max C Dress Clarks Shoes F21 Necklace 2

If you saw THIS POST, you'll know I had to find a dress for a function that I knew had a strict dress code, but without having the bloody dress code. Thanks darling, not stressful, at all. I didn't manage many pictures of what I wore on the day of T's passing out, but this is a pretty exact re-run, and all things considered, I don't think I did to badly.

Max C Dress Clarks Shoes F21 Necklace 1
The dress is Max C, RRP £45, but it was a total steal from eBay (new with tags, a boutique style seller see HERE) for £10. Including delivery, this dress STILL cost less than £15. Oh- it has sleeves and falls pretty much to my knee and has a decently high neckline. I was trying to cover every eventuality.

The shoes are the Clarks ones I've been eyeing up since before Easter. At £79.99 they cost more than the rest of the outfit put together, and to some that seems a bit crazy. Well take crazy and shove it. I wore these shoes and was upstanding for the vast majority of a 6 hour set of functions. They proved more comfortable than some flats I've bought before. They're also real suede, the heel is deceptively lower than they look and has enough diameter for me not to wobble. They are, in short my perfect pair of essential black court shoes and although they appear to be sold out on the Clarks website, mine, thankfully were available c/o Spartoo.

Not bad, all things considered. #fotd

And a shot of my face, from the day itself. The picture was taken before 0900 and I'd already been up for 3.5 hours. So wrong, on so many levels. The necklace you can see in the full length shots and that is poking into the above is from F21, for a grand price of £10.75. I did have the perfect necklace in mind, which I already own, but typically, I realised this and then realised afreomentioned necklace was in storage at my mum's. Cue mega stressful trip to Stratford on the Friday before my horrifically early start to find smething to sit in the neckline of the dress. 

My face, unsurprising, is all mineral- Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Beige, blush in Flourish and illuminating primer. The viel/finishing powder is ELF mineral glow and the eyes are Bobbi Brown with lashing of Benefit's They're Real Mascara. Lips are the ELF mineral moisturising lip tint in Rose. I continue to be amazed as to how good the coverage of the Bare Minerals make up is, because I could have cried at how shockingly badly my skin was behaving. That, and a good Instagram filter can hide all manner of sins. 


Sunday, August 11, 2013

At Ease


After a stressful and strenuous 8 weeks, last Saturday was T's turn to pass out at RMA Sandhurst. I can't say I was sorry to see him leaving, the stressful and strenuous applies to me as much as to him. 

I had a horrifically early start to get out to Berkshire for the chapel service, parade and lunch, with full war paint and heels, no less. 

This is my absolute favourite picture from Satrurday, taken after the parade, and before lunch. I'm sure lots of people read a lot into the expressions, but I know the look between us sums up what we have perfectly. 

Fave picture from Saturday

I was a little bit disappointed that we didn't manage to get more pictures of Tom and I together, and that I didn't manage to get any decent outfit photos, it was one of those moments where I was just too busy living the day to take too many pictures. I did however manage to get some on a rerun, so those might just be live soon.

Another major time-thief this past 2 weeks has been our home. I've been quite vocal about the hovel T & I currently inhabit. We rent a room in a cramped, run down flat in a less than salubrious estate in the East End. The flat has dodgy flooring, dodgy plumbing, there's currently water coming through the bathroom light fitting from the flat above, and then there were the 6 weeks we had without heating and hot water last year. On the plus side..... um..... I handed in the notice on it on July 31st, with a move out date of latest August 31st. Unlike every normal city in the UK, it seems pretty impossible to find a new rental any further in advance than 4 weeks, and in face, T and I will be moving on Monday 19th to rather nice shiny, well looked after, bigger flat, sharing with just one other couple, and in a quite pleasant but of E3. Happy days. Although I'm sure you can imagine the chaos that has been viewings and meetings in the last couple of weeks!

Happy Sunday one and all, I'm off to hunt down an ice cream in the freezer.