Sunday, August 11, 2013

At Ease


After a stressful and strenuous 8 weeks, last Saturday was T's turn to pass out at RMA Sandhurst. I can't say I was sorry to see him leaving, the stressful and strenuous applies to me as much as to him. 

I had a horrifically early start to get out to Berkshire for the chapel service, parade and lunch, with full war paint and heels, no less. 

This is my absolute favourite picture from Satrurday, taken after the parade, and before lunch. I'm sure lots of people read a lot into the expressions, but I know the look between us sums up what we have perfectly. 

Fave picture from Saturday

I was a little bit disappointed that we didn't manage to get more pictures of Tom and I together, and that I didn't manage to get any decent outfit photos, it was one of those moments where I was just too busy living the day to take too many pictures. I did however manage to get some on a rerun, so those might just be live soon.

Another major time-thief this past 2 weeks has been our home. I've been quite vocal about the hovel T & I currently inhabit. We rent a room in a cramped, run down flat in a less than salubrious estate in the East End. The flat has dodgy flooring, dodgy plumbing, there's currently water coming through the bathroom light fitting from the flat above, and then there were the 6 weeks we had without heating and hot water last year. On the plus side..... um..... I handed in the notice on it on July 31st, with a move out date of latest August 31st. Unlike every normal city in the UK, it seems pretty impossible to find a new rental any further in advance than 4 weeks, and in face, T and I will be moving on Monday 19th to rather nice shiny, well looked after, bigger flat, sharing with just one other couple, and in a quite pleasant but of E3. Happy days. Although I'm sure you can imagine the chaos that has been viewings and meetings in the last couple of weeks!

Happy Sunday one and all, I'm off to hunt down an ice cream in the freezer. 



Maria Fallon said...

This is so lovely, I'm glad things are going to be less horrific at home now!

Maria xxx

The Girl said...

That photo is so beautiful! You can frame it and have it up in your new home!