Thursday, August 15, 2013


Women and sport. Hot topic. Everyone has an opinion on it, and I'm getting a bit sick of being told what I should and shouldn't think about it, especially as a woman, who plays sport. That's why, when Sports Shoes asked if I'd like to review a pair of Nike Free trainers, following their survey of opinions on Katherine Jenkins and her running the London Marathon (and looking kind of hot doing it).

My personal thoughts on the subject btw- do what you do, do it to the best of your ability, if pretty things to wear make it easier, good stuff, screw everyone else. 

A little bit about the new Nike Free range- the idea is to make it as close as is possible to bare foot running experience, the lower the fit number, the closer to bare foot they get, with the idea that the flexibility and breathable mesh structure allow for optimum comfort. Pretty cool, I thought. Plus you should totally check out the selection of styles available HERE

Nike Free

Check out these babies! I'll preface the explanation of my choice by saying, I am not a natural runner. I did get into running when I thought I stood a chance of joining the forces, but it was a painful experience and I never got right back into my stride before discovering that cycling, for me was a better fit.

So onto my choice of trainers, they are available from HERE

Nike Free Pink and Grey TR 3

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome they are? Mmmhm. 

I opted for the lowest fit number they do, so the closest to bare foot I could get. When I'm cycling, being able to move my feet as I flip between pedals, road, kirb and wet pedals and wet road. I really value lightness, flexibility and grip. The Nike Free theory of bare foot likeness is exactly what I need, and especially as I've had a couple of wet rides lately. 

The first thing I noticed, aside the freakin' amazing print, is the weight. The strangest sensation when I put them on is that because I'm wearing shoes, I over compensated when lifting my foot because I was expecting it to feel much heavier. second, the bend in the bad boys. I've never had a pair of trainers I can do this with.....

Nike Free Pink & Grey Animal Print Bend Flexible

The bend in these is a major offput for some, T is totally skeptical that they would provide enough cushioning and stability to run in, but I love it. I love the my feet are totally free to bed as the need to, especially with a view to stopping on the crimson beast. 

So overall- I love them. Not just the awesome print- because style doesn't mean a lack of substance, which I think is the point that a lot of people miss. Love the lightness, the flexibility, I love the movement, and I love the mesh that means I can feel air on my feet when I really get to open my bike speed up. I'm even, a tiny teeny little bit tempted to try out running again. 

As for the women in sports issues that are flying about right now, I'm beginning to think that Nike got it right in the first place, whoever you are, however it works for you, whatever you wear....  

Just Do It

*Trainers sent to me for review purposes. All opinions honest and my own*


char said...

Liking these trainers, I think the fact that they're so flexible sounds great, although my PT was advising that for cycling / spin classes I need something more solid. Not sure.
I could do with some new trainers, though and I'm being slowly persuaded to add running into my routine.

Zoe said...

These are beautiful trainers! I bet they would be great for city travel. Comfy to walk around in!