Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mad House

It's been yet another crazy week here. As if moving flat wasn't bad enough this month, I've also been moving offices. I worked late every night except one this week, but we're about there... kinda. You can imagine I was quite pleased to see this email land then....

This makes me happy.

Now less than 14 days to go, I'll be in the sunny Canary Isles, preferable with a margarita in hand. 

Unfortunately, I had the quite sudden realisation, that by the time we come home, closer to October than early September, the temperature will differ slightly from stepping on the plane to back off it at Gatwick. Cue WTF am I going to wear to travel in thoughts....

Anthracite Grey Converse Dainty
Since buying my black pair, the Dainty OX Converse have become a firm favourite, I love the easy wear and that they seem to literally go with everything. This Anthracite Grey pair would be perfect for the kind of autumnal wardrobe I favour, and would be perfect as part of the rest of my flight outfit below....

Denim shorts

Denim shorts for my trip I already have, but another pair, to pull on for any hanging about on the hot side, with a pair of tights- layer is going to be key to success I feel, for the other end, and I'll be away. I love everything about these denim short shorts, yet nothing I can get into words. Maybe it's the simplicity, which I'd never expect from a G-Star Raw product. 

Vila Moda Grey Cowl Jumper

And whilst it may be cami weather in Tenerife, somehow, I don't think it will be in London. This beautiful Vila Moda jumper would be great to pull on as the A/C kicks in mid-flight, and cosy for landing. A touch of elegance about it, I can see me wearing this with skinny jeans on a weekend or smarter slimline trousers for work. 

Aside these bits, I seem worryingly (what the hell have I forgotten...) organised. I scored some bargain swim wear in the summer sales, and having had a hot summer here in the UK, I'm well up to speed on what I do an don't have in terms of high-summer clothes. I just can't wait to go now! A week of reading my Kindle by the pool, swimming, eating as much seafood as I can and enjoying some local wine, not to everybody's taste, but it sounds pretty damn perfect to me. 

Hope you're all getting some of the sun I've had today, happy Saturday!

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