Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kick Ass

Learning to like exercise is... well it's a life lesson for lots of us. There aren't that many people who truly enjoy the volume of exercise required to keep one healthy, and I go through phases.

The Crimson Beast has been a fairly consistent presence here since I got it in February, and just recently, I've bloody hated cycling. Yes, I said it.I dared not to enjoy exercise. I know lots of people are really enjoying pushing themselves, be they runners, swimmers, gymmers or cyclers, but do you know, it's ok to have a week were you detest the sight of your trainers/bike/shorts too.

What have I become?!
I seem to have spent a lot of time like this over the last couple of weeks... More trouble than it's worth?!

I'm not sure there's an easy solution to this issue, I've found that I just need to push through the bad bits- shitty weather, the week last month where something wasn't right with my bike 6 consecutive days, the irritating crunchy knee joint... but ultimately, enjoying it or not, continuing to get on the bike and get on with getting to work and back has been the only way to get through it.

I've bee searching about the web for tips on getting into exercise, and there are a wealth of blogs, pro or otherwise, articles, YouTube videos and opinions on how to get into regular exercise, or the sport of your choice, but precious few with any advice on what to do if you fall out of love with it!

Which leads me to believe, that sometimes, you just have to suck it up and get on with it. Exercise is an important part of being a healthy adult, and I know that I don't want to be another statistic young woman who can't effectively manage their weight or is at risk of heart disease/diabetes/half a dozen cancers, frankly, there's to much life to be living for that!  My only advice, would be this:

Find something that has a purpose.

#todayimwearing HOME TIME
Work bound- I dare you to not see me o the road! 

I know lots of people love running- it's free to do, it doesn't require equipment, and you can do it anywhere pretty much, but most people can't run to work and back. One of the biggest reasons for my foray into cycling for me, has been that it gets me to work and back. Once I walk in the door after work, that's me done with exercise, if I want. I need exercise in my life that I feel has a point and a purpose. That I can partake in aside just for the simple need of exercising. And it's pragmatism is what's driven me through this latest spell of wanting to pitch my bike of a 2 story balcony (no, really). Whether I like it or not, I have to get to work, and cycling in has become as second nature to me as getting the train, so I get on with it. Getting the train to work isn't picture perfect either, so it's swings and roundabouts (or wheels and pedals if you like). And behold, this week I seem to have come out the other side. I'm back to enjoying my bike again, plotting upgrading it to something shiny and speedy and totally more apt for my needs later in the year and generally not feeling all vicious and hurty towards my Crimson Beast.

Has anyone got any better tips than 'suck it up' for hitting a plateau with an activity you love?

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P said...

Sadly I've not got any tips as such as like you I'm not massively into exercise. I wish I was. I go to the gym when I can be bothered (which isn't often) and do some fitness dvds occasionally and walk a lot but I don't love exercising.

I do however do pole fitness and I'd recommend that as a way to exercise AND try something different, because you're working at moves and trying to improve (and sometimes I actually find I go to the gym more to actually try and improve within my pole class). I've also got a friend who was doing trapeze which looked like good fun too. Maybe you just need a more interesting type of exercise to try?