Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last Minute Dressing.... on the Cheap and Chic

I'm a big believer in the principle that planning and organising is the best way to keep the spending down but sadly, I am burdened by a  partner who often dumps things on me last minute- ie on holiday...

Him: Oh btw we have a thing to go to the weekend after we get back.
Me: a THING?
Him: Yeah, black tie or cocktail dress or something on the Saturday night.

So when we got back I looked in my wardrobe, nagged for some more details and realised I got rid of everything I used to have that would have been appropriate as it didn't fit. And we're on a budget. Luckily, I'm getting more and more used to this, so here's my tips on doing events dressing on the cheap, and keeping it chic.

Clarks Chorus Voice Black Suede

Clarks Chorus Voice Shoes, c/o

These Clarks court shoes are the single hardest working pair of shoes in my wardrobe, and they should be, they're also the single most expensive pair of shoes I own. But they were worth every penny and they're invaluable. I always work my event dressing around of black heels if I don't have a lot of time, because they're so versatile and these are guaranteed easy to walk in and comfortable to be upstanding for long periods in. If you have nothing else in reserve- a pair of comfortable simple heels are a must. I'm currently loving the look of these Alessie Eve shoes for a shiny patent look too. 

Chloe Likes To Talk Accessories

Most of my dresses for events are black or neutral- especially for black tie. Which is great, versatile, people don't really notice if you wear it again, and they're easy to change up with new accessories which can be much less pricey than new dresses, but  I also have a few safety net accessories and a couple of stand out ones to fall back on . 

My feathery clutch always grabs people and with it's multi-coloured layers, I'm yet to find an outfit I can't make it work with. It's been well looked after- I store it in a cover and then in a separate box, but it wasn't a ridiculously expensive piece from ASOS, and whatever else I'm struggling with, I know my bag is sorted, like my shoes. 

And the jewels. Well I have one or two statement necklaces in there, an easy change and having a fair amount of boob to contend with, a necklace can help balance a high necklace. MY spider ring is always a bit of a show stopper too- super huge, a bit of sparkle, and guaranteed to get people talking. 

Spider Jewel Ring

Unfortunately, for this particular event, I ended up needed a new dress as well. Luckily for me, I had an eBay seller in mind already. I have a few favourited sellers who have quick and reliable delivery that sell discounted or great bargain items. I'm a late comer to eBay, but it can be a real gold mine for factory seconds and great deals. This dress is branded, sold brand new, with tags, in branded packaging, but cost a fraction of it's RRP (£45) at £8.99, £10.48 delivered the very next day. 

Green cocktail dress sleeves yellow band

Green wouldn't everybody's first choice, especially with the jewel tones of purple and red available as traditional winter colours, but I know I wear green well, and if you haven't got time to try something new, sticking with what you know doesn't require time or the mental energy required to make myself presentable- just me? 


And time it took, but I didn't scrub up too bad. 

So- keep stock and have shoes at the ready. A fabulous bag will get you a long way in life, and if in doubt, eBay is not a bad place to start for a bargain dress. 

And now, the *ahem* morning after the night before, I'm going back to this, because much champagne was consumed last night. 

Today will mostly be featuring ...


Maria Fallon said...

You look STUNNING here, I really love your hair!

Maria xxx

Unknown said...

You look amazing! Agree with Maria, your hair is just stunning.

Alex said...

Beautiful, beautiful frock. That ebay seller is a marvel!