Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Shoes glorious shoes. I have been stalking these beautiful specimens for weeks. Waiting to pounce as soon as my size came into stock. As a creature of habit, it's been a bit strange to check out a new brand, but Geox really seem to have it nailed right now. The perfect balance of quality, style and tech.


Geox Lola Black

Geox Lola Basic

Look at them, all shiny and dainty and oddly chic for me. They're pretty awesome for work, since I should now be wearing preferably black shoes (yawn), and they have all the support I need for traipsing about Chancery Lane and doing lunch cycles to the Post Office- oh my glamorous life! And now, well now I'm after them in this beautiful nude colour as well.

Geox Respira

As often with me, these shoes are about a really good quality basic. Geox have been revolutionary for long time, but their current innovation is a perforated sole for breathable shoes, but they're also waterproof. I have no idea how the tech works, I just know it does. I also value a bit of cushioning and a firmness to the sole, which these babies give me. No crunchy knees for me!

These are the Lola Basic ballerina, and it pleases me greatly that there's a range of colours and finishes to the Geox Lola flats, and they have some other awesome ones too.

A little side note on these Uniqlo trousers, they became a new favourite about this time last year, and now they fit properly once more, I recall why I love them so much, such an easy wear, and super easy for work especially since I don't wear a huge volume of separates. As ever, I'm totally impressed with the high quality of Uniqlo's products- no fading or stretching, these trousers very rarely need ironing if hung with their creases and they still look just as good as when I bought them after lots of wash and wear.


daisychain said...

Oh hello perfect work shoes!

Maria Fallon said...

These shoes look fab, I need some more work shoes so these will be perfect!

Maria xxx