Sunday, October 20, 2013


I've talked about cycling on my blog before, and it's a highly politicised topic at the moment, especially since TfL just started a new cycle awareness campaign. But shove all that aside, because there are several totally fun, totally awesome and totally nothing to do with is more right or wrong.

Foffa Grazia cream bike Fixie

Can we just remind ourselves that bikes are awesome? This is my amazing new bike, a Foffa Grazia, single speed, and absolutely freaking amazing. 

DISCLAIMER- I've turned into one of *those* people who likes to gush about their hobby. So sue me. 

A new bike has come about because my employer has just opened up a cycle to work scheme ( FYI) which basically means I get a tax free bike that my employer pays for outright and I pay for out of my salary. My Crimson Beast, love it though I do, isn't quite as suited to the commute I do on my bike as I would like, so I took the opportunity to upgrade. 

And what an upgrade. But the first thing, is that I stumbled across Foffa when looking at fixed speed and single speed bikes, and realised they made they make the bike of dreams, but it's only after that, that I realised it's super-bonus, they're local. 

I went to test ride my bike of dreams, mostly because I've never ridden single speed before. Single speed (no gears) and Fixed Speed (no gears and they don't free-wheel) bikes (Fixies) are a bit of a cult thing. They have a very 'vintage' look about them, and they can be funked up big style because the components are more versatile and therefore come in a huge range of colours. They're also pretty speedy, and my big interest in them- they're very light. My Crimson Beast weighed 18.5KG. That's a lot of bike to haul up stairs. My new baby weighs 9.5KG.... No working parts, and a very clever variation on a steel frame. 

Foffa Grazia Cream Fixie Single Speed bike

But I digress. Turns out the guys at Foffa, a mere 10 minute ride from home, are amazing too. They're helpful, they're not condescending when a girl with a limited understanding of the technology behind their product walks in the door, and they respect I know pretty much what I want. Oh and then they were super helpful in providing an above and beyond amount of help in sorting the Cycle Scheme paperwork. Pretty cool, huh?!

When making a purchase, especially something that's a biggie and that's super personal, I put a huge value on service, and Foffa really delivered. Even though my bike is a particular spec that was on sale, it was still built to order, the guys couldn't have been more helpful answering my questions, and were more than happy for me to test ride.

Now, if my pesky wheezy cough would do one, I'll be all good to get out on it!



Jess | The Indigo Hours said...

It's so pretty! <3
I love cycling :)

Jess xo

Winnie said...

It's such a great bike! I am quite ashamed to say that I've not ridden a bike for quite a long time now...

Maria Fallon said...

This is such a nice bike, I wish I could cycle to work but it is an hour's drive away :(

Maria xxx