Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Grey Ghost

I'm the first to confess, I'm a bit of an eBay addict. Having recently realised I was running out of clothing, I headed to eBay to find a few easy bits and pieces, this top is the last to arrive (from China) and is a little on the large side but perfect for throwing on to make these Topshop leather trousers suitable for dress down Friday at work. I do love these leather trousers for an alternative to jeans and I was amazed they still fit when so many of my other trousers and shorts haven't in recent months.

Leather trousers, slouchy top, big pearl necklace 4

Leather trousers, slouchy top, big pearl necklace 2

Leather trousers, slouchy top, big pearl necklace

Leather trousers, Topshop (old) - grey jersey tunic top, eBay available HERE - jelly style printed flat shoes, Mel c/o Spartoo - layered pearl necklace, Primark (old) 

These new flats of mine are pretty cool, with of a twist on the usual ballerina style,the cross bar and the rounded point are lovely. These shoes are super comfy and I love the snake/lace print on them

Mel Flat Shoes

Oh- they're also waterproof! Happy days. 

Whilst this isn't a bad outfit, it's also what I happened to be wearing on the day my bike was ready for collection (more on my new beauty HERE). Normal people would wear trainers or sneakers to go ride a bike across the East End. I own sneakers, I own trainers. But nope, I couldn't wait to get my bike, so I had these on. Comfy they may be, cycling shoes they are not. 


daisychain said...

that top has gone straight on my watch list!

char said...

I spent half a day looking for that necklace at the weekend - I definitely used to own it. Lord knows where it is now.

Sophie in the Sticks said...

loving your leather trousers! Those shoes look so unusual :) x