Monday, October 7, 2013

Two By Two

I'm a sucker for a giraffe. Yes you did just read that right. I love giraffes because when you think about them, they're pretty damn odd- all the neck, all the print.....

Giraffe Jumper & Jamie Jeans Topshop & Xti Ankle boots 3

Jumper, eBay available HERE - Jamie jeans, Topshop - necklace, eBay - 

Green Necklace & Giraffe Jumper

Although it's a bit bigger than expected, I'm totally in love with  this jumper, perfect for a Saturday at home and for a relaxed Sunday outing. It's perfectly lightweight for the warmer autumn we're having and IT HAS GIRAFFES ON IT! 

Giraffe Jumper & Jamie Jeans Topshop & Xti Ankle boots 2

Outfit, as above - cowboy style ankle boots, Xti c/o

Xti Ankle boots

Also say hi to my first pair of boots of the season. I find ankle boots a bit tricky as I have chunky ankles anyway, and my thighs are currently taking over the world because I'm cycling so much and my quads are getting bigger, but I saw these Xti boots and decided to give them a go. I really really like them, but I do wear them only partly zipped to help alleviate the ankle issue. I think they're going to be my perfect ankle/mid boot for the autumn and winter. Plus- trying out new brands can be good, I am often quite brand-loyal, but sometimes that means I miss out on things because I don't search about. 



Temporary:Secretary said...

Giraffes are the cutest! I love their looong eyelashes! This looks a lovely and cosy jumper, I can't wait to get some new knitwear! x

Flitterbee said...

I am seriously tempted!

HannahSundae said...

I too am a sucker for a giraffe! So much so that I did a whole post about them :P

Hannah xx

Maria Fallon said...

You look lovely here, I wish I could pull off cute and casual as well as you!

Maria xxx