Thursday, October 24, 2013

With Love from Leipzig

I mentioned a few posts ago that in December I'm off back to Leipzig for a few days, and since I think it's the best city in the world ever, I wanted to do a bit more sharing!

I lived and studied in Leipzig back in 2009, I had the time of my life there, I worked hard and played hard, and was sad to leave a city that I felt so at home in. Leipzig about 1 hour south and east of Berlin and is very much part of the Former DDR, and is therefore very history rich in that sense, as well as having an extensive (hundreds of years worth) of music and literature history. And this is all before I get on to my main reason for going back.

Leipzig here we come.
Mum and I starting to get excited

We all know about the German Christmas markets these days, they take residence in cities and towns across the UK for big parts of December, but for me, nothing is quite like the real deal, and the Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt is well known as one of the best in Deutschland!

Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt SOURCE

So 6 of us- My parents, T & I, my Grandmother and her partner are all flying out to Leipzig just before Christmas to visit, enjoy the Christmas markets and eat lots of yummy things, instead of buying gifts for each other. Can you tell I'm excited?!

One of the reasons Leipzig is the destination of choice is because I know it well, and 2 of the things I'm most looking forward to showing T are:

Museum on the Round Corner
Leipzig was home to the Stasi HQ in DDR times, this museum is the most chilling experience and insight into East Germany I've ever had, but it's also fascinating.

The Germans really know how to do war memorials and this one is so tall that you can see the city sprawling out beyond it from the viewing towers at the top, as well as having some very impressing sculpture work inside too. The scale is just vast and it's an impressive little slice of Leipzig.

Something else I'm excited for is food (oh come on, like you didn't see that coming!)

A favourite sweet treat of mine if Kirchenkuchen, which I ate far too much of whilst living in Leipzig, but it's been a while, so I can justify at least one every day whilst visiting. But Germany is just about the baked goods, Auerbach's Keller restaurant has been on site for so long that it is featured in Goethe's Faust, they serve hearty and traditional German food in a beautiful surrounding with art work and music and excellent service. A return visit has been booked and so close to Christmas the atmosphere will be fabulous with their Christmas parties often including entertainment from actors. Bring it on!

And lastly- I can't wait to stock up on these!

Best mugs ever. #leipzig #de
Favouritest mugs ever. 

At the Weihnachtsmarkt, you give a €2 deposit for the mug your Gl├╝wein comes in, and you can take your mug back to any stall holder that sells something from a mug and get your €2 back, or you can keep them.......

So that's my big December treat to look forward to and I cannot wait. I already have a countdown running on my phone and I have to stop myself getting overexcite about all the things I get to see again and be reunited with. SO EXCITING.



Anonymous said...

Take me in your suitcase, pleeeeeeeeease! This looks and sounds so fantastic. Hope you have a really, really awesome time :D


Hazel said...

I love christmas markets!
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daisychain said...

I am very jealous, I'm going to book Ben and I to go next year I think!

KLEE said...

leave t at home and I'll come instead ok!!