Thursday, October 3, 2013

You Say Kitty, I Say Cat

This is all Milly's fault. If you're not familiar with Milly, you really need to follow her on Instagram. She's beautiful, she has awesome taste, and she enables purchases like this.

Zara cat shoes Charlotte Olympia style flats
Shoes, Zara

I know, I know, cat shoes, blah blah, but here's what you need to know- these are from Zara, actually from the Zara children;s section. I'm a size 5 and it's the largest size they do, happy days. They're £17.99. And they're black which means dress code appropriate.

Kids shoes are great because they don't have the same levels of tax as adult clothes and shoes. And these are super cute. The problem now is that I have 3 pairs of beautiful ankle boots in my sights, and it's all good because they're from the children's section which means they're cheaper.... right?!

I am working on the theory that shoes are my new pain relief. I've really been suffering this week with a very sore neck and shoulder, so much so that I couldn't really move my head much earlier in the week. Subsequently, breakfast has been looking a bit like this....

Pain relief

And a whole lot of retail therapy has happened after T & I realised this weekend that I may well be the only woman in London who really does have nothing left in her wardrobe to wear.

I've been so ruthless in clearing out my wardrobes, but haven't really replaced much, so aside a few work dresses, I was down to 2 casual dresses, 1 pair of jeans, a handful of casual tops, and not an awful lot else. Thankfully, eBay and the rest of the internet at large has saved my behind, and hopefully I'll have lots of shiny new outfits to wear blog by the weekend!

Happy Thursday, I'm off to *will* Friday to hurry the hell up.

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daisychain said...

I must not buy these shoes, I MUST NOT buy these shoes...