Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#BEDN 27 - Yes Moments

Yes moments are important, however ig or small. I've had several yes moments today, most of them to do with vastly complex statements of account that I've finally made sense of or share prices. I'm glad today is over. Some of my other most important yes moments have come in the form of fitness. I've talked a lot about cycling and fitness on my blog lately, and that''s because it's become something super important to me- especially since T & I have started doing strength and conditioning training together.

This could be a recipe for disaster as I try and compete with someone who successfully finished Army Officer Training, but my yes moment tonight looked a bit like this:

Plank planked.

It might not look like much, and probably it isn't, but that clock represent a lot. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury tonight I Out-Planked T.

The yes moment of this story, for me, is not especially in the 'out-planking' itself, T probably could have made himself go on far longer if he really really wanted to compete with me, but in that I planked with him, I out-planked my own personal best because I had the best kind of friendly competition to do, someone who wants to see me win the battle of my own personal demons as much as the competition between us.

Life's yes moments are important. Little ones like these are the affirmation I need, to remember why I'm doing what I do, why I make the choices I make. The bigger yes moment, when everything comes together, I sometimes think they're the ones we live for, but the little ones, the affirming ones, they're the ones that make life worth living.

To planking. And all it's quivery life affirming pain.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#BEDN 26 - Home Sweet Home

We're nearing the end of Blog Every Day in November, and it feels right to be talking about home, albeit for a second time. Last time, I talked about what makes a home for me, the theme being hometown, but I suppose since we're on the topic, it's good to be talking about the place I currently call home.

#london #nofilter
The City of London & Canary Wharf skyline

London is mine and T's current home and I have a love//hate relationship with the capital. Sometimes, like the weekend just passed me, I realise that it's so good to get away from the chaos and the instant nature of everything in London- not everything should be right here, right now and sometimes, just sometimes, it's good to walk not run.

Most of the time, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. It's definitely the only place I could ever have gotten myself into cycling, and for that alone I love the city.

TFL Londodn Cycling Maps

London is the only place I could ever have the opportunity to attend some of the awesome events that I've been to this year, not least the Lord Mayor's Banquet at Guildhall- with the Commander of the Honour Guard no less.

At The Lord Mayor's Banquet Guildhall Nov 11th 2013
November 11th 2013, T&I at the Lord Mayor's Banquet, Guildhall

And London is somewhere I feel I've found a place for my own style. I'm not professing to be the next It Girl, or even that stylish, but I don't feel awkward or uncomfortable wearing things like this

#todayinwearing #wiwt ASOS dress & @clarksshoes brogues #clarksstyle
Dress, ASOS sale (old) - shoes, Clarks (competition win)

It might not seem so bold for many, but even 12 months ago, I'm not sure I would have felt as happy setting out my stall wearing bright colours and shoes that are outside of my usual ballet flat comfort zone. London's diversity means I now just crack on and I feel bolder choosing colours and prints in a way I've never done anywhere else.

London isn't a perfect city, and my corner of the East End has it's problems, but it's my corner of the country, my home, and I'm choosing to make it home SWEET home.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Two For One

Date Night, there's a theme. T & I have never really done Date Night. We do 'do' things, but not in the Date Night style. This weekend, since we've been away we did in fact do something a little different for us- we hit the cinema...

This weekend was cool.

Playing with hair braiding.
The Hunger Games, Catching Fire
Hair braid, model's own 

In keeping with The Hunger Games, I realised where all the recent braid trends have come from. I've recently been trying to teach myself to Dutch and French braid because since having layers cut into my hair, it's been the best way to keep all the shorter strands out of the way, especially when cycling. Next- to try and master the 'Katniss' Dutch braid around the back of my head. 

Sunday's theme, since I'm done prancing about pretending to be cool, was motivations. A good one because I was surrounded by things that motivate me- wine always motivates me, the promise of a glass at the end of the tunnel ensures things get done, food motivates me- being able to eat everything I love so much is just another good reason to stay active, and for me, this autumn has been motivational too. 

Herefordshire Brobury House Hay on Wye Autumn Garden
Brobury, Herefordshire. Autumn 2013

It's been an autumn of revelation and an autumn of settling for me. I've only once before been as active as I've been this autumn and that was when I trained to pass RAF selection. I might not be marathon fit, or Tour d'Etape fit, or as fit as many a blogger, but I'm healthy, happy and getting stronger and fitter every day. I've managed a promotion in my job, and I feel like I've started to step towards achieving the things that are important to me, and nothing spurs me on more than feeling like I'm making headway with my goals, and finding enjoyment in life.

And so it is that I find myself once more thinking, it's not long until Christmas. I still have a lot of organising to do, although thankfully my forthcoming German trip is where most of the gift shopping is being done, and I'm glad I have a plan, it's just everything else- logistics, cards, work, more work, food, family visits. As someone who goes through the motions with the 'festive' period, I'm always glad to welcome New Year and it's sense of fresh starts and (for us, anyway) lack of enforced and organised fun.

A 2 for the price of 1 post has turned into 3 for the price of 1. The end is nearly upon me for #BEDN and whilst fun, I'm reaching that slightly naughty point where I'm not quite managing to keep up. So until tomorrow, hopefully.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Feast Your Eyes

So in an epic fail, I totally forgot to blog yesterday, as part of the #BEDN project. So today, you're getting 2 in 1. In my defence, the vile germs in my office that I've been fending off for 2 weeks have finally caught up with me overnight, and in between the work being done to the flat, I have been trying to pack and organise and generally do for the weekend.

Yesterday was World Television Day, which left me a bit puzzled. I like TV, but I don't watch a great deal of it, mostly because we didn't have a TV for ages, so I have to actually want to watch something online, rather than it being idle background. That said, since moving in with people who have a Sky TV package, I've become hooked on something. Something terrible. And everyone is paying the price.

My name is Chloe. I like to eat. I have an addiction to food programmes.

So it was probably inevitable that with my love of eating, and a slow burning love of being in the kitchen that this day would come to pass. But having access to whole channels devoted to food programmes has been the tipping point. I have discovered Nigella in a way that I never thought possible- she makes me laugh every time, whilst cooking up awesome food and I'm a bit in love with her Express recipes- so here are my 3 favourites:

The pot pie I made for T & I for a comforting midweek wonder earlier in the week, especially since it's chilly out at the moment. Exactly what's needed after a cycle against the wind. 

Schnitzel I love, and this is on my list for next week- I will be using a rolling pin the thin out a chicken breast, and dousing in flour before frying, but the Nigella recipe is what got me thinking of it as an express meal that T & I could have on a weekend with sweet potato wedges as much as with a small handful of noodles and some broccoli on a week night. 

And Quesadillas. This is something I make a lot for a weekend lunch, but the Express version of using just one Tortilla and griddling it is much better than my previous method. SOLD! 

So speaking of food, T & I are off away this weekend to visit my grandparents- the ones who feed us endlessly, the grandfather who has a sly habit of refilling your wine glass long before it empties so you never know how much you've had to drink and/or sneaking off to pay the bill before you get a chance to split it. Ties nicely into the 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' theme, right?! 

I haven't actually seen my grandparents since Easter, when we last visited, so I'm looking forward to an epic catch up, and also taking some wintery pictures. The last couple of times we've been to their place very much in the country, it's been spring or summer, but it's just as stunning in the right winter weather.

Family lunch cheese sharing French wine
Family lunches- love big shared meals to laugh and chat over, especially when they involve a splash or 5 of French red....

Contemporary fireplace roaring fire
In love with their contemporary fireplace- the temperature can be controlled to keep the room just warm or super toasty

Kir Royale winter cocktail drinks
I also super enjoy a 1700 Kir Royale in front of said fire....

Chloe Likes To Eat cooking steak
More food, my grandmother loves the opportunity to have a really nice piece of meat since my grandfather doesn't eat meat at all. 

Maydie fortified Wine French Aydie after dinner drinks
Are you getting the food and drink theme here? This is a stunning fortified wine from the Aydie region of France. Much was consumed, and they sent us away with a bottle of our own. 

My grandparents always totally spoil us with food and drink when we visit, and as with the majority of my family, food and drink creates a focal point of coming together for us all. Most conversations are held over a dinner table, and we all love some of the fantastic regional wines that my grandfather likes to hunt out and squirrel away. They also often leave us little notes if they've gone out without waking us from what is usually a very deep sleep in the true darkness and silence that only comes from being miles from most things and people. 

Family notes handwriting

Summer breakfast on the patio Brobury House and Gardens English Summer time
Another breakfast left fr us with a little note to start our day. They too subscribe to many of my favourite things- coffee, pastry, more coffee, more pastry.... 

I'll be waddling back to London on Sunday night, I can already foresee the massive amount of extra training I'm going to have to do to work off a weekend of general laziness and no doubt plentiful wine consumption. It might be leaving on a jet plane, but I can't wait to escape away and see some of my favourite people this weekend. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I Wore: Palm Prints in Winter

I swooped in on this summer collection skirt back in April/May and wore it religiously with bare legs and short sleeves all summer, but I feel like it's totally come into it's own now we're in winter and my tights are almost as thick as thermal leggings required when cycling to the office. but hey, a palm print at this time of year is nice, and yes I am being a fraction subversive to our dress code, but I have some license now I've moved to management.


George at Asda Pencil Skirt Clarks Shoe Boots
 Skirt, George at Asda - blouse, H&M via my flatmates wardrobe cull - shoe boots, Clarks - waterfall cardigan, ASOS £28

Turns out the shoe boots were one of the best sale purchases ever of last year. A hasty Boxing Day online order was a good idea as they quickly sold out in my size, and they have been a fab shoe for the cooler months with basically everything, and despite the height of the heel, being a wedge and with Clarks usual amazing Softwear, they're super comfy for an all day wear. I'm now on the hunt for some more casual boots, and of all brands, Ugg seem to be producing some beautiful shoes at the moment, they've really given me something to think about having seen some gorgeous biker style boots, that have an alternative design and have heavy duty wear in mind.

As well as the new (and very cosy I might add) waterfall cardigan from ASOS, I just couldn't resist this little cat ears ring. I was in that dangerous mindset of 'it's only £6...'

Gold ASOS Cat Ears Ring Sapphires and Diamonds

I'm totally snowed under with work at the moment, so I'm already super excited for the weekend- not only will I be able to forget all about work projects for a couple of days, but I'm heading to visit my grandparents in Herefordshire, which always means an epic catch up and a whole world of amazing food and wine. In preparation for indulgence, I've embarked on a new core strength/strength & endurance training plan with T who is off on a hardcore winter exercise in January, I'm beginning to wonder what I signed up for since I hurt all over when I got on my bike- my already in place cardio training, this morning. there may be more for me to add on this at a later stage, if he doesn't kill me first. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#BEDN 19 - Newsflash

Today it will come as no surprise that I want to mention cycling. My new favouritest thing ever, but also something that has hit the news big style this last week or so.

As a London cyclist, it's been quite relevant to hear about the 5 cyclists who died in 9 days on London streets, the biggest news item in this regard was the young woman killed at Bow interchange, a junction I use every day to get to and from work.

I'm not going to propher my opinions on the London cycle network, or what I think is right or wrong- they will be neither popular, nor relevant to the vast majority of you reading my blog, but instead I want to take this opportunity to say to everyone and anyone- Be safe, be visible. Read this post from Spikes and Heels for more.

If you're a cyclist, a runner or you're enjoying being active outdoors, wherever you are, be VISIBLE! Make sure you're lit up, reflective and wearing high viz. You don't know who might not be able to see you to avoid getting in your way, running into you or hurting you.

If you're a pedestrian or a dog walker on unlit pathways, bear in mind who might not be able to see you, cyclists in particular on cycleways and paths might have to swerve around you, you might scare someone else walking their dog or running if they don't realise you're there. Just because you know you're there, and where you're going, doesn't mean the rest of the world at large can read your mind.

If you're a motorist, I'd ask you please, as a driver and a cyclist who tries to stick to the law- take an extra second to look around you on the roads, don't jump the lights or push your luck with them, and don't sit in traffic on a crossing or cyclebox. All these things are there to help keep pedestrians and cyclists out of your way, and to keep everyone safe. You're putting your own life and others' at risk if pedestrians cannot cross at designated points, cyclists cannot be visible at junctions or if you're not 100% aware of what's going on around you.

And cyclists, or the love of all things motion, where a helmet. A white front and a rear red light are legal requirements when cycling on the road, make sure you're not just wearing high viz, but that you're reflective too and abide by the highway code- including traffic lights, staggered signals and crossings. Most of all, be aware. Keep your eyes on your surroundings and the traffic, don't wear headphones so you have all of your senses and even if it's your light, keep an eye for people jumping the lights or pushing their luck.

Being active in the winter is awesome, I'm enjoying it so much more than the heat of the summer, but safety is so important.

For cyclists, see my favourite five budget saftey items, all from eBay!

HIGHVIZ water proof jacket - £8.99

Waterproof rucksack cover with reflectors - £9.95

Reflective stickers for hard surfaces (helmets, boxes, panniers) Skull shaped - £2.49

Reflective vinyl tape - £2.49 for 2m 

Silicone cycling light set (front and rear) - £3.99

Monday, November 18, 2013

#BEDN 18 - Anti-Bullying Week

Yesterday's topic, relax. I wish I could say I managed too, but sadly not, nevertheless, much as I'm enjoying the sentiment of #BEDN, I quite enjoyed not writing for one day at the midpoint. My blog, my rules and all that.

Today is all about anti-bullying and I want to keep it short and sweet.

Bullying can and does affect people in all walks of life, not just in schools, my own experience stems from university and you can read what I had to say on the topic HERE and HERE.

For me, the turning point has been moving on and learning to let go. After moving on to do a post-grad elsewhere and having a much more positive experience with people and places. This helped me make the positive decision that I did not want to be the young woman who was bullied.

I won't deny that being bullied impacts your personality and your character, and the insight it can give should be embraced, but deciding not to allow bullying to define you or to define your decisions might just be the biggest step towards shedding the fear of 'what if...' and 'what might they say about...' and to realising your own full potential.

Stand tall on proud this Monday folks, stand strong.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

#BEDN 16 - Chloe Likes To Eat

I'm quite glad that today is themed 'Hobbies' because blogging and eating basically encompass mine. Cycling also features in there, but I've been talking about that a lot lately, so I thought it was about time I did a 'Chloe Likes To Eat'.

I've actually spent most of my day, as I often do on a Saturday, in the kitchen, but brunch is a tradition on the weekend, I usually make T do it, but today we did a trade off for some other jobs.

Not bad for a cobbled together brunch- beans, French toast style crumpet topped with a fried egg.
Baked beans topped with French crumpets & fried egg. 

IT was a bit of a cobbled together brunch because it turned out the milk I wanted to use had gone over, but I'm pleased. The crumpets are 'French toast style' here's a How-To

Pull from cupboard: 
4 eggs
1 can baked beans
2 crumpets
Splash of oil or butter

Elegantly in a silk dressing gown a la Nigella:

Dump beans in heat proof jug, shove in microwave for a couple of minutes 

Beat 2 of the eggs with seasoning- or not, if it doesn't grab you, heat a heavy base frying pan and put crumpets in, holey side up. Pour the beaten eggs into the crumpet holes- I'd recommend being gentle, but some of the mix will run out or off, and it's not a big deal. 

Turn the crumpets over after about 2 mins, and heat your fat ready to fry the eggs. 

Pour beans onto plate into bowls, dump crumpet on top and fry eggs. 

The above quantities served 2 of us- 1 crumpet and 1 fried egg each and half the can of beans. It's super quick, but you do need to keep an eye on everything all the times. It's not one you can wander away from to keep half an eye on Saturday Kitchen.....

Scoff with a side of coffee from your favourite mug. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

#BEDN 15 - Favourite Folk

I could write about family or friends here, I could mention some of the blogger people I love, or tell you how awesome my work friends are. I could. But instead, I'm going to showcase these amazing people.

They remind me every day to keep trying, that there's never a good time for things to go wrong, and that good hair will get you a long way in this life.


Miranda Bailey- if nothing else for the terror inducing death stare she has, but also, the woman is super cool in every way. If I were a Dr, I'd want to be her!


How can you not love a woman who swears like a sailor on smack? I'm only up to the start of series 4 of Dexter, so forgive me if I'm behind, but I love me a bit of Deborah Morgan. She lifts the whole show.


Everybody needs an Abby Sciuto in their lives, if nothing else because the woman behind her, Pauley Parrette is super amazing, but also, Abby is 100% her own person.


Hot, mysterious, dark and troubled. Did I mention also hot? I miss Spooks, it's my favourite ever TV program, and I loved some of the other characters, but Adam is (by a super fine margin) my favourite, I was sad to see him go on his own personal self destructive personality, for the nation of course.

People are quick to slate TV and fiction, and I could go on with this post to include characters from books and plays as well, but then you'd click off the post because it would be hours of reading. Fictional characters are only as good as we make them, and however realistic or not their context, they can be an inspiration as much as those people we draw on in real life. And if that doesn't sway you, just take to Twitter next time a big TV show is running to see how divisive they can be!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

#BEDN 14 - Workspace

It's quite fitting that today's topic is 'Workspace' since today marks exactly one year since I started with the company I work for. Lots has evolved in the last 12 months- I've moved, a definite upgrade in living space, I've gone from most junior in the office to accepting a promotion into management, I've started cycling and my team have moved offices too.

the problem with my workspace, is that it's not inspirational, or pretty, or even lit I can take a semi decent photo- no filter is going to make commercial furniture and strip lighting attractive. My job does not lend itself to a creative or inspirational work space, it's very much about function, and I like it that way. I'm just lucky that there are plenty of awesome things to see just outside the doors or on my journey to work, and that's what I want to show you.


London Docklands- exactly one year ago today.


City of London- The sun rays breaking through, this bit of my route always gives stunning views, especially as the sun starts to drop.


January Snow on site- I'm dreading any snow fall, this was before I took up cycling and I don't know how my road tyres will take to snow!


Canary Wharf- when the light catches the glass and metal of Canary Wharf, it almost looks like the buildings are a magnet for the brightness.

It might not be a pretty desk or a space full of inspiration, but seeing the City in varying lights and weathers is one of my favourite things, and because cycling and work are so hand in hand for me, I love that I get to see so many beautiful sunrises, sunsets, happy looking dogs, skulking cats, over-bold squirrels and people running and cycling, that it forms a little part of my work day.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#BEDN 13 - World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day. Kindness is many things to many people, and I follow the theory of do unto others as you would have done unto you. I try, not always successfully, to be as kind as I would hope others might do in the same situation. But one of the biggest crimes against kindness I have noticed... ourselves.

I suspect lots of people will be remind us to be kind to ourselves today, but I'd ask you to think carefully next time someone reminds you to be kind to yourself: 

If you are not kind to yourself, are you also being unkind to others?

Table Drawing E16

If you openly slate your 'disgusting' dress size or your total rubbishness that you didn't make an event for on the 17th night running out of the house, or maybe your 'just because' gift that you sent was 'so silly', then have you ever stopped to think what the people reading might think? Might they wonder, if that's what you think about yourself, what on earth must they think about me as the person digesting your self-hatred or general lack of kindness to yourself?

What must you think of my dress size which FYI is 3 up from yours, or the dinner with I ducked out because I was tired and of and my decision not to send a card or a gift recently, because I didn't feel the need or want to do so. 

I have found myself more recently taking a small step away from people who I like very much, because they're inability to be kind to themselves leaves me consistently wondering if they think I'm not generous, not committed to things, not good enough or not strong enough. The short answer is that all of the above might be true, but as my own harshest critic, I probably don't need more ammunition.

On a day dedicated to kindness, be kind to yourself not just because you will feel better for it, but because true kindness radiates from our centre and our core, and should be a positive presence in everybody's life. 

And I'm now off to send my Oh Comley swap parcel. I almost dismissed the project when I saw it, as I've had mixed experiences, but I'm glad to I signed up now everything is all packaged up- selecting goodies for others can be such fun!

Parcels a-go-go


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#BEDN 12 - Hometown

As we all do, I have a hometown in the literal definition of the term, but even though we haven't moved towns that many times, I don't think I've ever really felt 'at home' anywhere.

I moved from Cambridgeshire to rural Cumbria aged 8, and then all over Western Europe at university, and now I live in London for work and it's also where T is too. My parents sold their Cumbrian house just over a year ago which is the place I lived the longest, but I never did get on so well with the North. I think probably my other issue with 'home' is that I'm mostly of the 'a house is a box that you put your stuff in' school of thought, so I'm never especially attached to spaces or buildings either.

For me, home is what you make it.

Foffa Grazia cream bike Fixie

Home is where my bike is....

Should I be worries about what T keeps by the bed?!

Home is where T makes a mess

Homemade bread, maple smoked bacon, side of coffee. Happy Sunday.

Home is where the Bacon Sandwiches are made on Sunday morning

Simple things and simple minds... @checkonforchefs

Home is where the magic happens


Home is where the heart is

At The Lord Mayor's Banquet

I mean...... Home is where the heart is (Read more about this picture HERE)

In other news, I'm pleased to announce the winner of my Stylefruits Giveaway which closed last night......


Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Char, thank you also to the lovely people from Stylefruits who provided the awesome prizes! 


#BEDN 11 - Remembrance

As someone with a partner in the military, you might know that Remembrance is something close to my heart, early November is a busy time for T & I with events, collections and services to be attended. I am keeping my opinions brief on Remembrance this year, as I saw a good many disappointing things, and shall instead say this: Remembrance is on the 11th November, Armistice Day, but let us not only remember those who gave their tomorrow for our today, but the thousands of service men and women serving at home and abroad right now, and the people who support them to make it possible.

Remembrance this year also took on an extra element. If  you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my attendance at the Lord Mayor's Banquet, which is why this post comes this morning rather than last night. ssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. T was the Commander of the Honour Guard for last night's procedures, which meant we got a money can't buy ticket to one of the biggest events we've ever attended.

At The Lord Mayor's Banquet
Guildhall- a pretty stunning setting

Not black tie but white tie this evening. So help me.
Dress, Jarlo - Shoes, Iron Fist

To clarify, the dress code for this event was not black tie, but white tie- another level up. I had a moment of panic when I started checking the standards, and white tie is in fact regulated for men, and although not for women, there are a few 'musts'- must be floor length, must cover shoulders, women shouldn't wear watches and if one owns a tiara, this is when one pulls it from the safe.

Attendees to this annual event include the Prime Minister, the High Court Judiciary, the Archbishop of Canterbury, visiting government ministers (last night was China and Turkey amongst others), the Lord Speaker and a few hundred others of the great, good and diplomatic of the City of London Corporation. Oh, and me.

I suspect this will have been a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I can say that despite being a little apprehensive before hand, we had a fabulous evening. We were fortunate enough to be seated with some interesting and entertaining people, and I was well looked after by a Colonel no less, whilst T did his Honour Guard duties. And you know you're going up in the world when your name appears in a menu so swish that it comes with it's own plastic cover so you can take it with you.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

#BEDN 10 - Something Different

I almost made a video for today's tag, but decided nobody wants to see my face such as it is on a Sunday morning. So today, I want to talk about something that doesn't often appear on my blog.

This time last month....
Sandhurst, August 2013

I don't talk about T and my relationship very much on my blog. That's partly because T prefers to stay out of it and off the wider world of the internet. But it's also because I think some things are sacred, and for us, that's some of the finer details. 

But there are some things to share, and at a time where T and I feel like things are running at an even pace and that we know what we're working towards, it seems a good time to tell you why, as a serial single, why a disorganised boy who makes me want to be silly and thinks my personality is that of a feline, he makes me happy. 

Here's the thing- single, in a relationship- I'm not trying to tell you what  it is right or wrong for you, but here's why a certain someone reminds me this is right for us.... 

1. When someone tells you that the 3 'five more minutes' you've already had that morning might make you late for work, without you resenting them for making you leave the warm, cosy, comfy nest of a bed. 

2. When someone knows that you need a glass of wine  without even asking, just by looking at your facial expression when they ask 'how was your day?' 

3. When you have 'that' discussion about whether you 'need' the extra case of wine, and nobody resents each other about the budget you know you need to stick to.

4. That moment where you realise, that you're both talking nonsense, in different languages, at each other, and you both collapse in a heap laughing, because it truly can't get worse than this.... right?

5. The moment when you both realise, that all you really want, is to share every success, and to make each other even more successful by working forwards together. 

These points aren't to everyone's taste, and mine and T's relationship is not for everbody either, it's complex, and it's made of many a layer, but it's ours. For something different today, I wanted to try and show readers why I look forward to bickering about who's going to turn off the light or who is going to put the duvet cover on- *the* worst bit of changing the bed.... and best of all, why no matter how many times I call him Useless Features, he's still the only one who can make me meow in public, and get me in to the Lord Mayor's Banquet with a Lieutenant Colonel. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

#BEDN 9 - Blog Chat

Blog chat is a bit of a wildcard for me in the #BEDN project. I don't really consider myself a 'blogger' which is a bit silly because this is a blog. But- Chloe Likes To Talk is my hobby, it's something I enjoy doing and something that's given me a great deal back from the work that goes in. As with most things, I'd hate to think I'd given it less than my best, but ultimately, CLTT is somewhere in the middle of my list after work, family, paying the rent and before emptying the dishwasher and tidying my chest of drawers.

This means I don't necessarily use Chloe Likes To Talk to further my career, I don't really have any interest in this being my full time profession or even a strand of my professional life, and I've been happy to let it amble on being a space of my own.

But this evening, watching the fireworks, I think I summed up my space on the internet for myself:

Sometimes I prefer to live life for what it is rather than take pictures of it to look back on.

I love to have the memories to look back on, my blog allows me to document some of the fabulous things I've been lucky enough to see, to do, to enjoy, but those memories have to be made before they can be recorded.

So my blog may not always be 100% of me, but rest assured, it is always 100% me. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

#BEDN 8 - A Day In The Life


She starts the day crunching us about so we make nasty noises and she will insist on not dressing us so we get dirty first thing. Clearly, she's not impressed by this as she failed to photograph is in our slightly dusty glory!

It gets better though, because then she puts these amazing comfy, light, supportive trainers on us, and we look THE bomb.

Still loving these babes as much as the day they arrived from @sportsshoes_com

I mean look at us. We're amazing.

So now she's made us all sweaty and scraped leftie's toes against something when she took a corner, she expects us to get in here?! Yeah. I know. We're hard done by.

Iron fist Shoes Jacked Up

But pretty.... sssssh don't tell her she's broken us.

She's had us in those sparkly demons all day, although thankfully she's been desk bound. There's some really annoying shrilling that keeps coming from Up There that seems to prevent her from moving much. Her problem Up There, no ours. We're happy because we're back to our fave Nike outfits, and we're off home. Although she really needs to watching our toes with those sharp turns. We get a pretty good view if we leave on time. Tonight, we did not.

#london #nofilter

Things get much better now. All bow to us and our fur....

Legs 11

We're officially happy. It's Friday too, so there'll be none of this silly heels business for a few days, although there's whispers from Up There about something on Monday involving lots of heel wearing. We will have to see about that, but in the mean time, if she could kick these comfies off that she used to take the bins out, we'll be at perfection. We certainly don't anticipate she'll move much for the next 3-4 hours! 

Friday night. Hope @sebbywood & @kleebelle doing mind that I started without them!

There you go. A day in the life of my feet. I think it's cool sometime to think about what you put the various parts of your body through, and as well as my poor hard done by feet, my hands and eyes are also things I should probably be kinder too. 


Thursday, November 7, 2013

#BEDN 7 - 10 Things

10 things.... an awesome open ended topic, and I had several plans for wishlists, eBay sellers and favourite pictures and bike amazingness, and then I just kinda thought about it, and decided to go back to basic. 10 thing. Just things, 10 of them.

1. Did you know I'm holding a giveaway? I am. It's got some very cute little prizes including this fox scarf and some OPI nail polish. You can enter HERE...

Stylefruits Scarf prize

2. I'm totally in love with this Cat Jumper via eBay... It isn't in my size, but I'm still tempted to order it in case it's an oversized jumper and will therefore kind of fit.

3. The pretty awesome people from Fruitbroo (who you might remember from my review of my Foodies Festival purchases HERE) sent me these to sample, and I have let my team in the office loose with them. It's a tough job, but we'll soldier on through.

We have a real hard job in the office, but we'll soldier on through having to try out these yummy drinks from @fruitbroo

4. I'm finding Londoners are totally over reacting to the temperature change at the moment.... It really isn't that cold, I overheated so badly on the District line on Tuesday that I felt quite ill by the time I got off, having pulled on my coat, left open over a shirt. Yesterday I pulled on a blazer over my dress, and was more than comfortable. It's. Not. Cold. Yet.

5. I'm currently totally hooked on Cheese Triangles, the Lidl brand peach corner yoghurt, cabbage and my own version of instant porridge with homemade apple sauce/butter (USA recipe calls it this...). Not all at the same time, but low fat cheese triangles spread onto crackers with my soup lunches at work- YUM. The yoghurts make up my work lunch dessert and help me stay away from the Jammie Dodgers which are calling my name. Right now. I've been cooking with cabbage a lot recently and I forgot how much I love it. Happy autumn. And porridge- I've been making my own instant porridge using milk powder, and my homemade apple sauce (I have no idea why they call it butter in the US) has a heavy spice element to lift everything up to a whole new level of breakfast bliss. I know some will wonder why I need instant porridge- so allow my to explain....

6. I've been managing to cycle to work almost every day lately. This makes me super happy! Not just because I love my bike, but I feel just a tiny bit smug about being fitter and generally more well. The only snag is that I prefer to eat my breakfast post rather than pre-cycle, and so I spend my day eating things from cups with hot water added to them, with a teaspoon. Livin the life.....

Foffa Grazia Cream Fixie Bike

7. I'm now getting a touch nervous about Monday- I'm off to the Lord Mayor's Banquet which means White Tie dress code and having to hold my own with the great, good and diplomatic of the City of London. Odds on me not offending anyone..... At least I've broken my shoes in...

Remember, remember, 11th November.

8. Thoroughly enjoying M&S having 20% off lingerie today. I've been eyeing up a particularly nice green silk something for a while....

9. 10 Blogs I ♥ right now, favourites old and new

How Sweet It Is - Scandinavian On The Inside - Odd Socks And Pretty Frocks - Where Is Harriet - A Girl Called Jack - Oh Comely Blog - Spikes And Heels - 52 Creations - Vivatramp - Indigo Buttons

10. I'm having my hair cut tonight, mostly thanks to #ProjectUpgrade and Phones4U. My mum and I won £150 Toni and Guy vouchers, and my mum very kindly donated her half to me. I'm thinking a bit of a change to the style, although I'm keen to keep my length so we'll see how that goes....

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#BEDN 6 - National Stress Awareness Day

Stress is something that affects everybody in one way, shape or form. I can be a total stress bunny, and whilst I can't offer a perfect solution, I find the act of of sharing your stress- however trivial you think other people might find it, is one of the best ways to over come it. People will share their experiences if they relate to them, they might be able to problem solve with you, or you might just feel better for knowing... it's not just you.

This in mind, here are a few things I'm a stressing about just presently....

Current stress point- that my boobs won't fall out of anything on Monday night.  T & I are attending the Lord Mayor's Banquet. I made the error of shoving this white tie event into Google lately, only to realise what a big deal it is, and my dress is quite low in the front. Sounds silly right..... Things I don't want to be famous for: flashing in front of the Prime Minister, being topless amongst the various diplomats in attendance.... are you getting the picture? I'm presently awaiting the arrival of a stick on bra. We'll see how that goes! Oh..... and have you seen the shoes I'm trying to break in this week?

Iron fist Shoes Jacked Up

My to do lists are out of control at the moment. Generally, I like having a paper diary both for personal and for work use, I find it much easier to keep track of tasks that way, but the last week or so, the lists seem to never end, with at least one item being added for another crossed off. I know there's light at the end of the tunnel, but in the mean time the first 10 mins and last 10 mins of each day are spent reviewing lists, writing lists, wondering what I've forgotten from a list and wondering if I need a day-to-page diary for 2014 rather than a week-to-view one. Livin' the life....

To Do lists

And my bike. I'm currently waiting for new tyres for my precious new bike. Turns out there's LOADS of broken glass on the route I use to/from work, and therefore heavy duty puncture protection tyres are required, this made evident by the massive puncture cause by glass still sticking out of the tyre when I got home last Thursday with a flat rear tyre. Yay for this AWESOME eBay deal (pair of Schwalbe Marathon tyres for £45 inc delivery) when the tyres are usually £35 ish a pop, but Boooo for Royal Mail and needing to get down and dirty with the bike when they do. Sounds irrelevant, and to most people it probably is, but when it's my free mode of transport and my only real exercise, being without it is quite stressy for me.

Foffa Grazia cream bike Fixie

And lastly- winning prizes always helps to cheer me up, so I'm currently running a giveaway on my blog- open to Monday 11th  with some cute prizes. Go on, you know you want to enter....

Stylefruits Prizes