Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#BEDN 13 - World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day. Kindness is many things to many people, and I follow the theory of do unto others as you would have done unto you. I try, not always successfully, to be as kind as I would hope others might do in the same situation. But one of the biggest crimes against kindness I have noticed... ourselves.

I suspect lots of people will be remind us to be kind to ourselves today, but I'd ask you to think carefully next time someone reminds you to be kind to yourself: 

If you are not kind to yourself, are you also being unkind to others?

Table Drawing E16

If you openly slate your 'disgusting' dress size or your total rubbishness that you didn't make an event for on the 17th night running out of the house, or maybe your 'just because' gift that you sent was 'so silly', then have you ever stopped to think what the people reading might think? Might they wonder, if that's what you think about yourself, what on earth must they think about me as the person digesting your self-hatred or general lack of kindness to yourself?

What must you think of my dress size which FYI is 3 up from yours, or the dinner with I ducked out because I was tired and of and my decision not to send a card or a gift recently, because I didn't feel the need or want to do so. 

I have found myself more recently taking a small step away from people who I like very much, because they're inability to be kind to themselves leaves me consistently wondering if they think I'm not generous, not committed to things, not good enough or not strong enough. The short answer is that all of the above might be true, but as my own harshest critic, I probably don't need more ammunition.

On a day dedicated to kindness, be kind to yourself not just because you will feel better for it, but because true kindness radiates from our centre and our core, and should be a positive presence in everybody's life. 

And I'm now off to send my Oh Comley swap parcel. I almost dismissed the project when I saw it, as I've had mixed experiences, but I'm glad to I signed up now everything is all packaged up- selecting goodies for others can be such fun!

Parcels a-go-go


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