Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#BEDN 27 - Yes Moments

Yes moments are important, however ig or small. I've had several yes moments today, most of them to do with vastly complex statements of account that I've finally made sense of or share prices. I'm glad today is over. Some of my other most important yes moments have come in the form of fitness. I've talked a lot about cycling and fitness on my blog lately, and that''s because it's become something super important to me- especially since T & I have started doing strength and conditioning training together.

This could be a recipe for disaster as I try and compete with someone who successfully finished Army Officer Training, but my yes moment tonight looked a bit like this:

Plank planked.

It might not look like much, and probably it isn't, but that clock represent a lot. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury tonight I Out-Planked T.

The yes moment of this story, for me, is not especially in the 'out-planking' itself, T probably could have made himself go on far longer if he really really wanted to compete with me, but in that I planked with him, I out-planked my own personal best because I had the best kind of friendly competition to do, someone who wants to see me win the battle of my own personal demons as much as the competition between us.

Life's yes moments are important. Little ones like these are the affirmation I need, to remember why I'm doing what I do, why I make the choices I make. The bigger yes moment, when everything comes together, I sometimes think they're the ones we live for, but the little ones, the affirming ones, they're the ones that make life worth living.

To planking. And all it's quivery life affirming pain.


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