Thursday, November 7, 2013

#BEDN 7 - 10 Things

10 things.... an awesome open ended topic, and I had several plans for wishlists, eBay sellers and favourite pictures and bike amazingness, and then I just kinda thought about it, and decided to go back to basic. 10 thing. Just things, 10 of them.

1. Did you know I'm holding a giveaway? I am. It's got some very cute little prizes including this fox scarf and some OPI nail polish. You can enter HERE...

Stylefruits Scarf prize

2. I'm totally in love with this Cat Jumper via eBay... It isn't in my size, but I'm still tempted to order it in case it's an oversized jumper and will therefore kind of fit.

3. The pretty awesome people from Fruitbroo (who you might remember from my review of my Foodies Festival purchases HERE) sent me these to sample, and I have let my team in the office loose with them. It's a tough job, but we'll soldier on through.

We have a real hard job in the office, but we'll soldier on through having to try out these yummy drinks from @fruitbroo

4. I'm finding Londoners are totally over reacting to the temperature change at the moment.... It really isn't that cold, I overheated so badly on the District line on Tuesday that I felt quite ill by the time I got off, having pulled on my coat, left open over a shirt. Yesterday I pulled on a blazer over my dress, and was more than comfortable. It's. Not. Cold. Yet.

5. I'm currently totally hooked on Cheese Triangles, the Lidl brand peach corner yoghurt, cabbage and my own version of instant porridge with homemade apple sauce/butter (USA recipe calls it this...). Not all at the same time, but low fat cheese triangles spread onto crackers with my soup lunches at work- YUM. The yoghurts make up my work lunch dessert and help me stay away from the Jammie Dodgers which are calling my name. Right now. I've been cooking with cabbage a lot recently and I forgot how much I love it. Happy autumn. And porridge- I've been making my own instant porridge using milk powder, and my homemade apple sauce (I have no idea why they call it butter in the US) has a heavy spice element to lift everything up to a whole new level of breakfast bliss. I know some will wonder why I need instant porridge- so allow my to explain....

6. I've been managing to cycle to work almost every day lately. This makes me super happy! Not just because I love my bike, but I feel just a tiny bit smug about being fitter and generally more well. The only snag is that I prefer to eat my breakfast post rather than pre-cycle, and so I spend my day eating things from cups with hot water added to them, with a teaspoon. Livin the life.....

Foffa Grazia Cream Fixie Bike

7. I'm now getting a touch nervous about Monday- I'm off to the Lord Mayor's Banquet which means White Tie dress code and having to hold my own with the great, good and diplomatic of the City of London. Odds on me not offending anyone..... At least I've broken my shoes in...

Remember, remember, 11th November.

8. Thoroughly enjoying M&S having 20% off lingerie today. I've been eyeing up a particularly nice green silk something for a while....

9. 10 Blogs I ♥ right now, favourites old and new

How Sweet It Is - Scandinavian On The Inside - Odd Socks And Pretty Frocks - Where Is Harriet - A Girl Called Jack - Oh Comely Blog - Spikes And Heels - 52 Creations - Vivatramp - Indigo Buttons

10. I'm having my hair cut tonight, mostly thanks to #ProjectUpgrade and Phones4U. My mum and I won £150 Toni and Guy vouchers, and my mum very kindly donated her half to me. I'm thinking a bit of a change to the style, although I'm keen to keep my length so we'll see how that goes....
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