Friday, November 8, 2013

#BEDN 8 - A Day In The Life


She starts the day crunching us about so we make nasty noises and she will insist on not dressing us so we get dirty first thing. Clearly, she's not impressed by this as she failed to photograph is in our slightly dusty glory!

It gets better though, because then she puts these amazing comfy, light, supportive trainers on us, and we look THE bomb.

Still loving these babes as much as the day they arrived from @sportsshoes_com

I mean look at us. We're amazing.

So now she's made us all sweaty and scraped leftie's toes against something when she took a corner, she expects us to get in here?! Yeah. I know. We're hard done by.

Iron fist Shoes Jacked Up

But pretty.... sssssh don't tell her she's broken us.

She's had us in those sparkly demons all day, although thankfully she's been desk bound. There's some really annoying shrilling that keeps coming from Up There that seems to prevent her from moving much. Her problem Up There, no ours. We're happy because we're back to our fave Nike outfits, and we're off home. Although she really needs to watching our toes with those sharp turns. We get a pretty good view if we leave on time. Tonight, we did not.

#london #nofilter

Things get much better now. All bow to us and our fur....

Legs 11

We're officially happy. It's Friday too, so there'll be none of this silly heels business for a few days, although there's whispers from Up There about something on Monday involving lots of heel wearing. We will have to see about that, but in the mean time, if she could kick these comfies off that she used to take the bins out, we'll be at perfection. We certainly don't anticipate she'll move much for the next 3-4 hours! 

Friday night. Hope @sebbywood & @kleebelle doing mind that I started without them!

There you go. A day in the life of my feet. I think it's cool sometime to think about what you put the various parts of your body through, and as well as my poor hard done by feet, my hands and eyes are also things I should probably be kinder too. 



underthewillowtrees said...

Aha. Lots of changes! Your trainers in the first photo are great

Maria Fallon said...

Ah I dread to think what my poor feet must think of me, I have put them through hell and back this week!

Maria xxx