Monday, November 25, 2013

Two For One

Date Night, there's a theme. T & I have never really done Date Night. We do 'do' things, but not in the Date Night style. This weekend, since we've been away we did in fact do something a little different for us- we hit the cinema...

This weekend was cool.

Playing with hair braiding.
The Hunger Games, Catching Fire
Hair braid, model's own 

In keeping with The Hunger Games, I realised where all the recent braid trends have come from. I've recently been trying to teach myself to Dutch and French braid because since having layers cut into my hair, it's been the best way to keep all the shorter strands out of the way, especially when cycling. Next- to try and master the 'Katniss' Dutch braid around the back of my head. 

Sunday's theme, since I'm done prancing about pretending to be cool, was motivations. A good one because I was surrounded by things that motivate me- wine always motivates me, the promise of a glass at the end of the tunnel ensures things get done, food motivates me- being able to eat everything I love so much is just another good reason to stay active, and for me, this autumn has been motivational too. 

Herefordshire Brobury House Hay on Wye Autumn Garden
Brobury, Herefordshire. Autumn 2013

It's been an autumn of revelation and an autumn of settling for me. I've only once before been as active as I've been this autumn and that was when I trained to pass RAF selection. I might not be marathon fit, or Tour d'Etape fit, or as fit as many a blogger, but I'm healthy, happy and getting stronger and fitter every day. I've managed a promotion in my job, and I feel like I've started to step towards achieving the things that are important to me, and nothing spurs me on more than feeling like I'm making headway with my goals, and finding enjoyment in life.

And so it is that I find myself once more thinking, it's not long until Christmas. I still have a lot of organising to do, although thankfully my forthcoming German trip is where most of the gift shopping is being done, and I'm glad I have a plan, it's just everything else- logistics, cards, work, more work, food, family visits. As someone who goes through the motions with the 'festive' period, I'm always glad to welcome New Year and it's sense of fresh starts and (for us, anyway) lack of enforced and organised fun.

A 2 for the price of 1 post has turned into 3 for the price of 1. The end is nearly upon me for #BEDN and whilst fun, I'm reaching that slightly naughty point where I'm not quite managing to keep up. So until tomorrow, hopefully.


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