Friday, December 20, 2013

Just Do It

December thus far, fitness wise has been a total fail. Halfway in and I've only done 6 rides- 3 days of cycling to work. The new strength and conditioning training that T & I embarked upon in November is mostly forgotten and all in all, it's a bit tragic and a lot pathetic.

There have been a number of reasons for my lacking levels of fitness in December, some in my control, and some out, but when (with whom I worked before- See HERE) contacted me about their fashionably fit campaign, I saw a way to get back on it. 

100% Be Pretty On Rest Days but Nike are killing it and my new base layer and leggings and cosy too are freakin amazing.

As they have rightly identified, it can be tough to motivate yourself when the weather is against you, getting on my bike when the wind is howling outside is..... challenging, and I can't tell you how much harder it is when you know you *still* haven't found the right kit to balance the cooler weather with managing your own body heat. The theory- some nice shiny new gym kit might just be the motivator you need to get your head in the right place to train. 

My usual philosophy on kit is a bit like this..... 
Does it fit? Is it fit for purpose? Does it keep me visible? Is it good value for money? What colour is it? 

In that order. I guess you could say I subscribe to 'Be Pretty On Rest Days'. But. Yes, there's a but here. What happens if your kit is fit for purpose. It does fit you. It is good value for money AND it looks freakin' awesome on?!

Well I have to say ladies, Nike are killing it right now. And there's nothing like having new kit that promises to deliver to get back on the bike- sitting there, staring at me, willing me to snuggle into the cosiest base layer EVER and pull on my supremely cool leggings. Oh yeah.

Base layer vest top, half zip Elements base layer, leggings - all Nike via

See that beautiful flecked purple long sleeve top of dreams? I no longer need to wear 2 layers under my high viz jacket because it's so warm, and so cosy, and it has a higher neck that meets my snood and stops the wind whistling down the back of my shirt. AND IT HAS THUMB HOLES! this is my favourite of my 3 new items, because for the current winter-but-mild weather we're on, it's perfection. But also, check the awesome print on these leggings. The more festive among you might call it snowflake-esque, I'll stick with geometry, but they're still pretty cool. They're a little more snug than anticipated, but that does help them stay up, so no complaints here. And my vest.... if all future fitness clothing could come with the option for this print, that would be great, thanks. Oh and did I mention it well and try holds the *girls* in there? It does. They're not going anywhere. OOoh OOoh there's also a huge choice and women's range available, lots of it also isn't pink, which I find to be a huge bonus.

A word about price point here as well. I was fortunate enough to be sent these items for review, a lucky lady I am, but so far, have the best prices on all the Nike kit I looked at when making my choices.  And one thing I have learned the hard way with my sports kit, is that if you intend to use it, and push your body, then it's time to start considering value for money, not just price. I have shied away from spending a little more for performance kit rather than just a pair of jersey leggings and an old t-shirt, for cost reasons. When I saw cycling tights and leggings at upwards of £40 I wondered how I could justify that. then I thought about the 50-55 minutes I spend on my bike. December aside, 3-4 days per week. I thought about how cold my thighs get in my very thing jersey leggings and how that doesn't happen in cycling tights. I remember needing to wear, and therefore launder several layers of t-shirt because one is too cold.

And does shiny, new, attractive kit make a difference? Does it motivate you in the winter? Is it a cheat on true sporting aspiration? Well, I got back on my bike this morning. I smashed my time. I enjoyed it. I'm back in the game. And that's all the answers I need.


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