Thursday, December 12, 2013


So I went a bit quiet there and officially failed the #BEDN challenge I embarked upon. I want to say I had lots of exciting things happening to report back on, but the honest truth is that the last week or so has been just a bit messy between work and other commitments. Being a grown is not really that much fun sometimes.

But onwards and fail or no fail, it's nice to take a look back on my #BEDN posts because some of them I really was very pleased with. Overall, I'm not sure I'd repeat a challenge to blog every day, in the end it negatively impacted my stats quite significantly and I felt like the novelty of reading and commenting wore off a little. In short I'm not sure it was right for Chloe Likes To Talk.

Some of my favourites though:

Legs 11

Wish if been able to get a full length shot on Monday, as I love this dress so much.

Table Drawing E16

We're now into December, and I have discovered that I am allergic to Christmas trees, or at least the I am allergic to spruce tree my flatmate insisted on decorating on December 1st, I will mostly be enjoying anti-histamines for the rest of December. Not ideal, especially for someone who wouldn't usually be dedicated to the Christmas Cause, and never this early. Of course it's now approaching mid-December and I've just realised I have all the wrapping to do and lots of Christmas cooking to do, and not very many weekend days left in which to do it. I'm not panicking, not yet but the to-do list is a long multiple page spreadsheet.

In other news, my blog has lots of exciting things to come- there may well be a heavy German theme to come, there's a certain Leipzig shaped adventure a coming, there might be a few sneaky glimpses of the kind of Christmas decoration I can do and just possibly a few Christmas foody goodies.

In the mean time, I'm here, I'm alive, thanks Alex & Bex for checking in and I hope you'll come back to my here space for some December goodies and some new tricks for a new year.


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