Friday, January 3, 2014

300km Month, I'm Ready For You

So it's January, I think it would be fair to say that some indulgence was had this Christmas and with thanks to some nasty weather and a lot of being required to zip across London to assist some family, not all that much cycling got done.

But I'm back in the game, after a breath of fresh air cycle yesterday and some strength training to ease the way of a day inducting new staff, it seems a good time to tell you about my 300km challenge.

300km month, I'm coming for you. #beprettyonrestdays

Bangs and a Bun set me thinking about this (who else) when she set herself a goal of running 80 miles in month of December. There was no prize, and egos, please stay home, but a challenge to oneself to keep training through the rougher weather months.

Not being a runner, this was never going to be for me, but typically January is the most difficult time of year for me to be active- bad weather, poor light and a break from good exercise habits over the Christmas and New Year period are all big contributors. So here's the challenge:

300km. One month. Me, myself and my fixie against the world!

No prizes, no ego, just a fitness boost and habit forming.

And even better for me, the app I use to track my cycling have launched a challenge called 'Prove It January' which gives a running total of all Kilometres cycled in the month of January asking you to prove to yourself what you can achieve. I'm all signed up!

So 300km Month, I'm ready for you. Bring it!


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