Monday, January 20, 2014

Halfway There

I can't quite believe that it's Monday again already. The weekends seem to slip by so quickly when you have things to do! this weekend I embarked on my first ride with the female oriented (ie guys can ride but it's girls rules) VeloVixens. I've never ridden with other people aside the occasional trip out with T so I knew it would be a challenge, and the ride length itself was set to be further than I've ever done before.

Despite a little bit of route chaos, I had a lot of fun, didn't even notice that I almost tripled my furthest distance cycled and met a few stand out people who were great fun. Not a bad way to spend a sunny Sunday...

Not a bad way to spend Sunday. Huge thanks Lorena from @velovixensuk for making it work out.

The other awesome thing about my little jaunt through Richmond Park and beyond is that it pushed me over the half way mark for my 300KM challenge! I am beginning to feel this is more achievable after all the setbacks thanks to the high winds in the East End.

Over the half way point.

OH YEAH! That leaves me around 130 to do before the end of the month, 10 of those days being work days and I worked out that of those 10, I need to cycle 8 of them to guarantee hitting the target, without any other rides of my own.

Here's to another week folks, I'm hoping for a less turbulent one than last, and coffee helps!

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