Saturday, January 18, 2014

Map The World

I didn't need a new handbag. I definitely wasn't in the market for one. But you know when something beautiful pops up out of the blue and it haunts you. It speaks to you and it won't leave you be until you take a closer look. The closer look for me inevitably landed with a parcel coming a week later and here's the contents....

Chloe Map Atlas Print Handbag

Chloe Atlas Map Print Handbag

Atlas print handbag, £8.36 eBay

Yeah, ok, so it did hep that this bag was less than £10. It was one of those things I saw and I just couldn't forget that about it. And I'm glad, because it's a beauty and I love it. It turns out that the print is actually the same as a Kindle case I have for my Paperwhite (you can see it HERE) which explains my love for the print on sight.

Chloe Atlas Map Print Handbag close up print

It's a pretty roomy bag as it has no inside compartments- that's a bonus for me as I use one of these bag organisers- I got a bit fed up of losing or forgetting things whenever I change my handbags. My only slight disappointment is that there is no shoulder strap or link for one, but it's not the end of the world either.

Not a bad little January treat to myself. If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that it's been a stressful couple of weeks trying to negotiate a new tenancy on our flat, along with my flatmates who have had their own issues. Having had them almost pull out at the 11th hour, it's fair to say I feel glad to have survived the first two thirds of January.

On a brighter note- tomorrow I'm off on my first cycle with a 'club'. VeloVixens are a female focussed group who ask riders to leave their egos at the start and aim to bring women together who love cycling and want to cycle with others who share the love, and who also love a coffee and a piece of cake too. I've chickened out of the last couple of rides, worrying I'll be too slow or that I'll be a hindrance because I'm relatively inexperienced and have never done a group ride. But organisers and other riders have made it clear I've no reason to worry, and so I'm off for a 50KM ride out of SW London- wish me luck.

It has the added benefit of topping up my 300KM challenge a little. If nothing else, it buys me a couple of days off when it's pouring rain or super windy over the final 2 weeks of January.

Happy Weekend all. I'm off to take the bread out of the over, pour a glass of wine, and finish painting my nails.

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