Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Week on 2 Wheels

I really enjoy blogging about fitness and cycling. I'm no expert and this is not a blog for pigeon holes, so I don't fancy starting another blog, but I did want to create a particular corner for this element of my life, so I'm hoping this will become a regular weekend post.

Cream bike problems ...
Cream bike problems- it's been wet in the East End alright...

And what a week btw. The penultimate one of January, and therefore the second to last for me to make it count on my 300km challenge. And girl done good. I'm ending the week at 256KM, which I don't think is too shabby, and leaves me not all that far from target going into next week.

Not a bad way to spend Sunday. Huge thanks Lorena from @velovixensuk for making it work out. London Cycling Women Richmond Strava
Pretty cool Sunday ride last weekend- Pushing myself just a bit harder

But slightly more exciting, I also managed a few personal records. Um... 40 actually. For anyone that uses the app Strava to keep track of their cycling or running, you might know that your rides or runs are sectioned out into segments, and you can compare your times to other people who have completed the same segment even if they didn't complete the same full route, and Strava records your records for all these segments. I managed 40 personal records across all the segments I cycled this week. You might say I'm feeling a little pleased with myself. Because there's more...

As well as my 40 personal records on segments, I almost managed to beat my overall journey time to work. 4 times. I shaved over 1 minute off my journey time this week, and consistently out performed myself 4 days running this week.

Really enjoyable ride this morning, wind isn't too horrific and the sky was a beautiful pre sunrise red. #fixiegirl #london #cycling

All of this is pretty big achievements for me, so as I edge towards the end of my 300KM challenge, I'm starting to think about what I want to aim for next. I wouldn't usually consider myself to be the kind of person who is consistently goal driven, but just lately, the fitness bug has bitten my via the cycling I'm doing. I've stepped my training up a gear, so over the next week, I'll be trying to think up something to keep me on my toes through February.


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