Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chloe Likes To Eat

I'm a big lover of lots of traditional food. Some of that stems from growing up around fine dining- don't get me wrong, guinea fowl for tea at 9 years old might sound fun, but I can recall may occasions where a baked potato with cheese and beans would have been epic.

Oddly, one thing I'd never gotten round to cooking, for no particular reason is shepherd's pie, so when I ended up with some lamb mince (thank *you* reduced to clear section), I thought it would make good Sunday food.

Shepherds Pie Sunday Comfort Food

I kept my pie pretty simple-

Soften onions and carrots in a large heave base frying pan.
Shove in your lamb mince
Whilst that's a browning add- loads of Worcester sauce, a generous helping of tomato puree and if you're so incline, a half glass of red wine
Cover, simmer for 20-30 mins and make some mashed potato

The main event. Shepherds Pie.


Shove you lamb mix into an oven-proof dish, smother with creamy mash- I rather like mine with a hefty seasoning of pepper and a tiny bit of dijon mustard.

Bash through high temperature oven for 30 mins. DEVOUR.

(with the bestest things ever...)

Dinner's beat friends. #iheartgreen

And sleep off....

Wine. Rugby. Slippers. Throw. #sorted

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