Saturday, February 8, 2014


I worked with some rather nice people at Neäl & Wølf last year in the summer (you can read all about it HERE). I reviewed their intensive conditioner and shine spray, I loved them so much that I promptly purchased more of both when I finished the products they had sent to me.

It was a pretty instant and simple yes when I was asked to review their Indulgence candle in time for Valentines based on my experience with them so far, so here's what you need to know....  (it would be a good time to start jabbing at your partner right now, and putting this in front of them if they're not good with hints....)

Neal & Wolf Indulgence Candle Packaging

Neal & Wolf Indulgence Candle
 Neäl & Wølf Indulgence Candle, RRP £17.95

It's a pretty classy candle as you can see- the purple glass surround houses a scented candle- the scent being the bespoke perfume of mandarin, orange blossom and lily that features in the hair products I love so much. It's a sweet but sultry floral fragrance and it's also not weak- I opened the package at work, and we could smell what it as through the bubble wrap and envelope!

It makes a pretty lovely gift, seeing as all this comes package in a rather swish cream box, perfect presentation for a gift to someone and true to it's name, the Indulgence candle has up to 45 hours of burn time- I'd say that's pretty good myself.

Neal & Wold Candle

With Valentines just around the corner, lots of people will be thinking of gifts for loved ones. Personally, I don't really do Valentines, not least because T often isn't here, and this year may be no exception with his unit being tasked to assist with flood defences. That said, if he rocked up next weekend with one of these, I most certainly wouldn't say no!

Pst... there's also free delivery on the Neäl & Wølf website.


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