Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Week on 2 Wheels

Well, January is over and done with- can't say I'm too sorry to see the back of what has been a long and quite stressful month. Most importantly, Friday marked the deadline for my 300KM challenge in January.

#biteback #undoordinary I challenged myself 300km this January because on a good month it's normally 200-250km. I rode with a club for the first time even though it was one of the coldest days in jan and my duvet was warm. I set over 100 personal records

Yeah, I made it. I'm pretty pleased with myself, and it was an awesome challenge to have spurring me through some bloody awful weather over the last 2 weeks, which was one of the reasons for the challenge in the first place. I've seen some other great benefits as well- a huge kickstart after hitting  bit of a fitness plateau and smashing well over 60 personal records both on whole journey times and on segments of each journey.

This month I also rode with a club for the first time, and really enjoyed pushing myself further and faster, and I'm definitely looking forward to the next opportunity to join a VeloVixens ride. I feel like I've really found my stride in confidence with cycling.

Aside all these wonderful things, cycling this month has left me considering new challenges and bigger and better fitness goals. So- where do we go from here?

This month my aim is to get through 350km- hopefully a few more leisure rides which is something I've been making more of an effort to do, since both T & I enjoy taking the bikes out. Having had some free passes for the gym on campus where I work in January, my strength training is taking on a new importance, and whilst I'm not sold on being a girl who lifts, I have definitely enjoyed being a bit stronger and developing some better upper body strength too. The upshot is that whilst the work gym definitely isn't for me, I'm on the hunt for somewhere more local to join so I can keep the momentum going.

The other goal I'm setting for myself going through the year is to find something new to try each month. In March, that's going to be climbing- T bought me a session for a Christmas gift as it's something I'd like to try my hand to, but in February, I'm still on the hunt. I'm vaguely tempted to try Couch 2 5K and go back to running- once upon a time, I did used to do some, but only because it's a requirement for forces selection. I've never been a natural runner, but I wonder if it's time to shelve the loathing I have for pounding pavements and give it a second  millionth chance. Going through the year, other things that I've seen that I quite fancy trying, even just once....

  • Bouldering
  • Obstacle runs 
  • Women's Rugby or Tag Rugby
  • Mountain biking 
So we shall see how that tides me through the next few months and what else I stumble upon along the way. In the mean time, it's time to thaw out after a chilly but chilled 7KM around Victoria Park, relax with the rugby and look forward to shepherd's pie that's ready for the oven this evening. 

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