Monday, February 10, 2014

My Week on 2 Wheels

I always new the week was going to be a bit of a write off last week as I had to go straight from work to other places and I had my contraceptive implant replaced- cue bruising. I did manage a Monday commute though, and I got lucky when a VeloVixen ride popped up for Sunday.

Womens Cycling Kit American Apparel sports bra, Nike Free Trainers, Nike Dry Fit
My current winning kit combo-
American Apparel sports bra - Nike Free trainers - Nike Dry Fit top - Nike Dry Fit leggings

I bought the AA sports bra with a Groupon £15 for £30 to spend voucher last week. I'm a fan of AA in any case, and was in need of a new sports bra, so thought it was a good opportunity. Now it's had a proper test, would anyone be interested in a review?

Although the weekend weather wasn't scheduled *amazing* I was determined to get out and make up for a slow week, and it's true what they say about running/workouts/cycles- you only regret the one you didn't do.

The City as shot from deepest Essex this afternoon.

If you ignored the super cold wind the ride back through Walthamstow had a feel of summer looking at the sun going down and the glow touching the buildings.

As well as the stunning view, we had what turned out to be a little..... adventure. Aside from a normal amount of route checking and some killer inclines, we also had the start of a bad joke- how many female cyclists does it take to fix a punctured road bike tyre when the only spare tube we have is for a 28 tyre? Answer- 1 blonde, 2 brunettes and lots of star jumps! And the repair patch STILL DIDN'T FIX THE PROBLEM!

But you have to laugh, or we'd all be miserable. Even those who hate tea (QOTD: I hate tea!). A heated drink- not tea for my fellow rider who professed her dislike so strongly, and a spell in front of a gas fire to get warm, and we hit the road.

This was a much smaller ride- just 3 of us prepared to get out into the breeze, and it was nice to get to know and chat to the people I rode out with, but even better, as with my last longer ride, it's another boost. I feel I'm gaining confidence in my cycling, and these longer rides seem to spur me on through my week commute.

Getting out on a 'proper' ride also inspires me to get out more myself, not just with the VeloVixen rides. T & I are already discussing possible rides and routes for next weekend to get us out and about and cycling a bit further and for more of a challenge. Much as I love cycling to work each day, I know that because I do the same route each day and that it's flat, on the road, that I plateau with my fitness and also don't push myself to gain confidence or to try new things like inclines and descents.

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