Thursday, May 1, 2014

April in Review

Oh, hello May, where the devil did you come from?

April has been a bit of a nightmare month, truth be told. For no other reason than it just went too quickly for the things I needed to do in it. Being an adult really sucks sometimes.

I got in quite a lot of cycling in April though, which was pretty cool. The weather has been mostly kind, if a bit breezier than I would personally prefer, and I added a couple of extra challenges into the usual mix.

Super disappointed, wanted to break 500km this month, but sickness has meant bike separation.

Total KM for March- 428. It might sound like a lot, especially since in January I was finding it a proper challenge set when I aimed at 300, but I'm really disappointed. With some extra guaranteed miles in the mix from rides I was booked to do, I desperately wanted to break 500KM this month, but this week I've been struck down with some vile cold/flu type thing and what I suspect is a chest infection waiting to happen judging by the difficulty I'm having breathing. Needless to say, there hasn't been much cycling for the last 4 days and I'm already suffering bike separation anxiety.

Disappointment aside, I did do some cool stuff this month....

I cycled from London (my front door to be exact) to Cambridge (the train station, yes really) with the Breeze network (part of Sky Ride- the organise rides for Women and they're FREE) which was freakin awesome. I know some people really get eyeroll syndrome when it comes to getting up early on a weekend to do something super active, and there's no way I want to do it every single week, but I had a really fun day, and felt a little sense of achievement.

#BreezeNetwork London to Cambridge April 2014
Image Credit
113KM door to door, this is us lot, just off Newnham Road, Cambridge

I also got to be involved in a cool project with Cyclescheme this month, as part of my #SuperCommuter antics- rhapsodise on the amazingness of cycling for a whole day, at somewhere near to my home, and get fed. HELL yeah.

#SuperCommuter filming at Look Mum, No Hands #cyclescheme
Filming at Look Mum, No Hands in Hackney, chatting with some other #SuperCommuters and making sure we're all ready and set

I'm hoping to be able to show you more of this project soon, but for now I'm being *patient* whilst the clever techie people make us look nice. It really was fun to mess about on and talk about our bikes all day though!

And the other super cool thing I got to do this month was to go and check out Mountain Warehouse and their Active Wear range, which turned out to be amazing. I have held off a little on reviewing some of the goodies I came away with, because I don't want to overload my blog with sports kit reviews, but you can read about my evening with the very lovely people of Mountain Warehouse HERE, and keep your eyes peeled for my reviews as we enter May.

And now, I'm going to go back to coughing up half a lung and generally feeling sorry for myself until I can get back on my bike. Have a great weekend, bank holiday and all.

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