Sunday, May 18, 2014

From London With Love

Sometimes I berate myself for not doing more of the London *things* that are on my doorstep, but then I tick off some of the fun things we've seen and done in the time we've lived here, and how we choose to make the most of more than just tourist attractions, and the opportunities afforded us by living in the capital, and I feel better about it all.

One time the attractions are great though- occasions. It was T's birthday on Thursday, and struggling to find a gift that comes in a box and can be wrapped up, I set about trying to find something we could eat, see or do as a gift instead. It transpires he'd never been on this....

I had been up once before, but quite some time ago, and I have a fascination with being able to see so much in one go. I spent most of the week praying for decent weather since I booked us a 2000 flight to try and catch the sun as it started to drop.

Eye eye. Waiting our turn to do the big wheel. #londoneye
Waiting our turn as the sun was dropping behind buildings at ground level

The London Eye

Sunset from London Eye

Parliament from London Eye

I love being up high enough to see things, and when you live in London, challenging yourself to sport landmarks or attaching your memories to buildings in miniature is great fun.


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