Thursday, May 8, 2014

Legs Eleven

There is something you should know about me, and you may feel the need to judge.

I am a bit in love with leggings. Not just any old pair of black jersey ones. Oh no.

One of the many problems with awesome thing about doing a fair bit of cycling during the week, is that it's been an intro to the wonderful world of women's fitness, and specifically, the opportunity to enjoy wearing some of thecrazy cool kit that's out there. Women's kit gets such bad press, but there are a lot of companies- both big and small, doing a really good job, and oh how I've fallen for it. I have fallen hard. And not for the techie stuff. Read on...

#todayimwearing H&M sportswear tights and comfy converse. #fitchicks
Sports tights, £14.99 H&M

One of the reasons I've come to love sports leggings/tights so much is the ease of laundering. Because they're often made from techie clever fabrics, they wash and subsequently dry super quickly. No more *willing* heavy weight jersey to dry when there's no breeze or direct sun on the decking where our washing line lives, or worse still, on the airer indoors during the winter months. Another great thing- because these wonder garments are designed for actual sport and activity and stuff, I can sit cross legged in the on the sofa without the seams splitting after 2 weeks. Oh, and, AND, I can pull a pair of these babies on post shower for an evening at home, and rather than make another set of clothes dirty, I then pull them back on the following morning to cycle to work in, cunning.... right!

H&M are my current stand out high street store for sports wear- their range was designed in collaboration with the Swedish Olympic team and it's full of flattering tops and tights, easy-wear yoga clothes and some freakin' awesome prints (see above...) at a pretty amazing price point. I might have another sneaky order coming my way... Maybe.

Ana Nichoola Star Tights #womenscycling
Star printed cycling tights, AnaNichoola

I reviewed these earlier in the year, and these are cycling specific, whilst I wasn't sold on the quality, these still pack a stylish punch and I love them for that, if nothing else.

A bit in love with these awesome leggings- Nike Legasee

Red Nike Legasee tights, £37

My latest additions to the ever expanding collection. More Nike. I won a £50 Next voucher recently and these popped up on their website. They're super soft and have a jersey feel, the waistband is awesome because it's quite grippy without causing any unwanted bulging of soft bits, and you can't really argue with a print like that. A bit of me wants to hate a huge corporation, but Nike just seem to keep getting it right. Although on the pricey end of the scale, my experience of the kit is that these will wash and wear really well, so they'll be good value, and added bonus is that I always have someone who wants to know more about where I got them, and I can't help but love the look on their little faces when they realise it's sportswear proper.


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