Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Chloe Likes To Eat: Fine Dining

It's apt that this particular edition of Chloe Likes To Eat is going live today because it is in fact my birthday. Over the bank holiday weekend, we hopped up to Cambridgeshire to visit my parents for a bit of early birthday celebrating and my dad (clearly has too much time on his hands) decided to up the ante on foodie stakes.

Chloe Birthday dinner 2014 Bloody Mary jelly, duck grissoles & chcolate fudge brownie with mango and ginger icecream
Starter: Bloody Mary jelly served with prawns and ribboned cucumber salad
Main: Roasted duck, duck grissoles, roasted potato, cauliflower puree, baby Bok Choi and local carrots
Dessert: Chocolate fudge brownie, mango & ginger ice cream, summer fruit topped with chocolate sauce

I was impressed anyway! The menu is a bit of a tribute to some of my favourite foods- I love vodka and yes the jelly was alcoholic, roasted duck is a decadence I don't often allow myself, and the brownie is the stuff of teenage memories because it's something only my dad cooks *like that*.

My love of food and cooking is as much a secret as local corruption so it won't surprise you to know that sitting down for amazing food with my family is an ideal way to celebrate my birthday. But there's more...

Tonight's wine. Yes you read the date right. #madiran #frenchwine
2005 Madiran from South West France

My grandparents brought back this bottle from travels in France some years ago, it's a 2005 vintage local Madiran and the bottle is a magnum size (1.5L). Red wine is one of my favourite things and I have my mother to thank for enjoying some of the expensive and/or exceptional ones as she worked hard to make sure she got me into my wine. This one had lost a little of it's oomph from ageing but still a beautifully smooth glass of French red to accompany the duck main course.

There are no hugely exciting plans for today since we're flying out to Spain for a two week holiday on Friday *does happy jig* so it's always lovely to look back on fabulous food enjoyed.

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