Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chloe Likes To Eat: Lunchtime Specials

The idea of a boring lunch fills me with dread. We all have our favourites, but for me I need variety and new ideas and different sets of flavours to keep me interested. But all this has to be achieved as either a chilled lunch or something I can put together without a microwave.

Cue this noodle soup variant- simple, tasty, and nothing disastrously bad. A bit different to my usual set of of flavours and super easy to add to with whatever is in your fridge/freezer.

Spinach, mushroom & sugar snap instant noodle soup.

Total prep time for this was about 4 mins. Did I mention I possess no knife skills, so if you do, it'll be much quicker. Grab:

1 large mushroom (£0.03)
Small handful of spinach (£0.04)
3-4 sugar snap peas (0.07)
1/4 pack of instant noodles (£0.05)
Vegetable or chicken stock cube (£0.08)
Dash soy sauce
Shake of dried chilli (chillies given to me and dried myself)
Approximate cost per portion: £0.27

I chopped my vegetables and dumped in this plastic cup. So far, so simple. Then broke up my dry noodles and dumped on top.

Prepped and a ready...

In a separate, preferably smaller jar or container, break up your stock cube or add 1 tspn of bouillon powder,a dash of soy sauce and a generous shake of chilli. Seal, and pack for the following day.
When you're all set for lunch, simply add enough hot water to your jar of stock/soup mix so that it will cover the noodle in your cup. Leave to stand for a few minutes, scoff.

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