Sunday, June 8, 2014

Holiday Essentials: Everything & Anything

If you hadn't already gathered from previous posts and a Twitter feed full of exclamation, this post is going live whilst I'm in Spain on holiday. *YAY*

Anyway, since I've just been through the rig marole of packing and sorting myself out, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite essentials, and a few bargain bits I like to hunt down for sunshine holidays.

Clothing at Tesco F+F #feeltheheat bikini
Bikini, F+F Clothing at Tesco
Shorts and Swimwear might seem like an obvious one, but I got caught out last year when we went away in September and at the end of August, not a cut off, sandal or swimsuit was anywhere to be seen on a shop floor! I got on it early this year, and both the shorts the bikini were purchased with a voucher I won from Clothing at Tesco last month. Joy of joys- most of the swimwear on the site came as separates, great if like me there's a fair difference between sizes of tits and arse!

I have a love hate relationship with canvas tote bags. I seem to have a zillion of them from various sources, mostly free, and they *should* make great pool/beach bags, and yet there's never one in the collection that's quite the right size. This is my favourite holiday appropriate tote, for poolside,  for venturing a little further, for shoving a few groceries or snacks into.

The Book Show tote bag

I have lost count of the number of times I've remembered to pack all the required chargers, only to forget the adaptors. Never, ever buy them in the airport as they cost 8 times as much as picking one or two up on eBay. I try and leave mine in the suitcase permanently these days! THIS double socket is really useful too at £2.49 with free postage, it's a really good deal since you never quite know how many sockets you'll find- especially true of hotel rooms!

European plug adaptor

Our holidays are mostly about taking the time to stop. We swim. We read. We sleep. We eat. We don't do a vast amount of going out, or partying or exploring, and we deliberately pick destinations that are easy to get to, and that aren't 'culture destinations'. For a trip like this, I used to need updawrds of 10 paperbacks, and whilst Kindles might be a bit love or loathe for some people, for luggage allowance alone, I would be without mine! Similarly, for 2 weeks of alfresco dining and evenings spent around outdoor tables rather than in front of a TV or screen, being able to play music has never been easier with the help of lightweight bluetooth speakers. Remember the days of people taking stereos as handluggage?!

Vintage style map Kindle Paperwhite cover
Kindle Paperwhite cover from eBay, similar available HERE

I often think handbags can be a bit of a nightmare for holidays- the tote bag is all well and good, but when flying, there's always the handluggage issue- I don't want something too small for passports, valuables, boarding passes and maybe a sneaky duty free purchase, but I really really loathe having something too big for in flight. On a recent visit to Primark, my first in a while, I spotted this, and initial I decided against, but the more I looked, the more I liked, and decided that for £8, it would be a great summer colour and I'll not be too gutted as and when it falls apart as the skies turn grey and the nights pull in.

Primark grey blue box bag
Grey/Blue handbag, Primark £8

These are nestled in against a handful of staple summer sun dresses- all in bright colours to match the bright sunshine. Talk to me about your holiday must haves or bargains? What did I miss?

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