Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Chloe Likes To Eat: Feeling Inspired

Something slightly different for this week's edition of Chloe Likes To Eat, and in response to an exclamation I'm often bombarded with by friends, colleagues or on Twitter- I just don't feel inspired! The other thing I hear a lot and I'm guilty of myself- We just eat the same things over and over.

As the daughter of a chef, I've always been a bit spoiled for food. When my dad came out of trade, he remained very much in our family kitchen and I've always eaten well as a consequence. I learned whilst I was away from home studying that I'd rather learn to cook than eat badly and as a 'proper' adult I finally found my feet and realised I like to cook and take pleasure in creating good food- and by good I mean tasty and well balanced rather than restaurant appropriate. But it isn't always easy to look in the fridge and create something interesting for dinner. There are plenty of evenings after a hectic day of work and training and commitments where I grate a courgette, cook some pasta, stir in some pesto and collapse on the sofa- and there's been a lot of that just lately thanks to balancing the management of my exit from my current management job and the beginning of the shiny new business I'm taking on this year. So where does it end?

My start point is often right here. In the virtual world.

Foodie inspiration
A not bad way to spend a weekend morning

I've been using Bloglovin for a long time, but one feature I hadn't made use of until more recently is the 'Popular' section. You can see what's popular on a general level but also in categories such as Fashion or (naturally) Food & Drink. This can be a great way to discover posts from blogs you choose not to follow for whatever reason or to find new blogs you might love to follow. I use the 'Like this post' function to save any posts I want to retain ideas from and they appear on my profile for my perusal at a later date.

As well as an idea to help find inspiration, I also wanted to use this edition to share some of my liked posts and blogs- ideas which have set my little mind a running down a food filled track...

Summery Savouries:
Onion rings wrapped in bacon - what else do you want me to say? (Pst, this site is in Danish, but the pictures provide pretty self explanatory instructions)
Sweetcorn & Jalepeno enchiladas - an American recipe that I have plans to tweak for my own taste but a good starting point for a potentially easy dinner, and a flavour I never play much with- it's not that I don't like the idea of of Mexican, I just have little experience.
Spiced lentils with egg - We all seem a little hung up with baked eggs at the moment, but I like the idea of adding an Indian/Asian theme to it for a more savoury brunch and from the usual avocado ideas
10 ways to use your slow cooker this summer - The Americans love slow cookers, which is great for me, as I'm certainly guilty of neglecting this much loved tool in the summer compared to the 5 meals out of 6 approach in November. There's a few lighter ways to enjoy slow cooked foods for the warmer months that spurred me on to dust mine off.

Sandwich Salsa Fried Egg Gammon homemade Bread
Super Sandwich- inspired by some of the US Superbowl snacks doing the rounds on so many of the posts at the time

I rarely cook a recipe as it's written, this no more true than with American recipes as I often find they use ingredients that aren't so common place in the UK and/or a lot of premade ingredients. What I do love is seeing an dish or a recipe and giving the dish a go however which way I want. Sometimes, it's just good to make something you've never tried or would never normally.

Chilled out lunch
A favourite salad, but also inspired by a kale & chickpea dish I'd seen on my Bloglovin feed a couple of months previously

Sweet Treats:
Overnight cinnamon rolls - I'd never thought to try this chelsea bun-esque bites of loveliness and they're actually very simple. Bonus points for not using annoying ingredients!
Raspberry lemon yoghurt popsicles - I made some awesome ice lollies using Fruitbroo iced tea in June and now have lolly molds, so I thought this was a great idea. I used natural yoghurt and some frozen berries that weren't frozen when my flatmate left the freezer door open. Great for a not your usual iced lolly.
Flourless peanut butter cooker (FOR ONE) - I love the idea of being able to knock together a sweet treat where there isn't a whole batch or temptation left after my intial fix. A cookie recipe for one?! Hell yeah. Apparently cutting flour out of your life is a good thing, I don't really care, I just have this book marked for next time T has gone off away and I want dessert!

Fruitbroo Mint/Elderflower lollies
Recent forays into ice lollies

What works for one person, may not work for another and that's especially important with food- no two people have exactly the same taste and what you fancy is probably going to differ wildly to the person sat next to you on the sofa as on the bus or in your office, but just sometimes, a foodie post, from a blog you've never read before might send your mind whirling as to the possibilities. Give it a go- I dare you!

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