Thursday, July 3, 2014

June In Review

June has now been and gone and we're over the half way point in the year. 2014 is shaping up to be both interesting and challenging for me, in a number of areas of my life. But right now, let's stick with the month of June!

The biggest event for me was a holiday. A much needed fortnight on the Costa del Sol doing nothing but swim, read, eat and drink. Blissful. I also made a special friend who shared my love of lounging....

This handsome creature decided to take over T's sunlounger after attempting to come into the flat this morning. #newfriends

I had a couple of pretty epic scheduling fails on the blog whilst I was away. If you saw me tweeting about but couldn't see- I dedicated a whole entire Chloe Likes To Eat to breakfast, especially aimed at those of you on the move in the morning. You can catch it HERE and tell me breakfast doesn't look appealing....

Orange marmalade breakfast jar
Orange themed breakfast

And this one, all about Fruitbroo's new Iced Tea. Predictably, I did something else with it, other than make iced tea! 

Fruitbroo Iced Tea post right HERE

Since I spent a fair amount of time sitting on my behind in Spain, it's not really a surprise that I didn't manage to cycle all that far in June. That said, I was pleasantly surprised to see when I got home that not only is cycling to work on 19 occasions of 20 good for the soul but it seems to leave with a better 'baseline' of fitness. I was sincerely expecting the for cycle post-holiday to be hard work, and was pleasantly surprised.

June in kilometres

I also have some great riding planned for July, so never fear, I'll be back on it and in the interim June was also a month of reviews inc this Rapha Base Layer tank top and the offerings from H&M

And lastly, a note on simplicity. I posted about feeling a bit boring in my sartorial (ha ha ha) choices and on realising that simplicity and boring are not the same, and simple can be good. You can read it HERE.

And I leave you with another picture of my friend from Spain. I wanted to bring him home so badly.

So... I'm going nowhere for a while. #catspam
Snoozing on my lap

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